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This Is Sheffield Episode 3

So Episode 3 took a while, Jack had world cups/exams, Joe had work and Rob had secret ‘training’ in Hull, which didn’t leave many wekeends free…

Just a blast around a few local spots, finishing off with the new and improved pumptrack. This vid doesn’t do it justice really, so expect some more footage soon…

Apologies for some of the shoddy editing/cuts, my computer is old and the new editing software wasn’t happening, so reverted to the old stuff….

Episode 4 will be in the alps hopefully, bring on the Summer, BOOM!!

For more info and general shennanigans:

STOLEN: Specialized Pitch Pro

From Hathersage yesterday afternoon.
Two guys in a white Transit made off with it:

-819 rims on pro2
-Thomson finishing kit
-Xt drivtrain
-SLX brakes

Five ten sticker on the shock

Stand out point is the odd crank arms. None driveside is a Hone and driveside is XT.

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