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Peaty’s Steel City Downhill!!

Finally we can let the cat out of the bag….

After a month of some serious hard work, the inaugural Steel City Downhill Mini Downhill event is ready for the masses.

Sheffield’s own multiple world cup downhill champion Steve Peat is helping to organize the cities first official Mini Downhill race, the inaugural Steel City series event. In aid of the Greno Woods appeal a Mini DH will be held in Grenoside woods on the 5th March. Open to all from 10 years up, the race track is fast and flowing which would suit mid travel trail bikes and riders who can carry speed.

Professional timing will be provided by MIJ Events with prizes from Royal, Sram, 18 bikes, The Bike Tree, O’Neal, Polaris, Five Ten, Cotic, Chromag, Smartwool, Monster, Arcteryx and many more. The event will be filmed and broadcast by who will also sponsor an amateur video and photo contest.

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The GoPro’s and all their weird mountings were out in force up at Blacka Moor. With John’s Cable cam, Martin’s Boom cam and Joe’s Boddingtons Unicorn Cam we had a lot to play with.

We rode exclusively below the wall as per the new accord with the rangers and we didnt miss the upper section at all. The trails were wet, sloppy and tons of fun.

Make sure you click the HD button to get it in all its glory

Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 6 – New Year, New Track

Tuesday 11th January 2011

Happy new year… and a happy new dual. With big plans for mates races throughout the year, the 2011 dual season kicked off with a corker. New Year, New track. Still on our favoured hill in Endcliffe Park but on a slightly different aspect with a few more obstacles to avoid. With winter proper arriving at last, the warm and wet conditions returned the track to its usual drifty goodness. However, once we’d broken through the top crust of loam and revealed the slick mud beneath, chaos reigned. Using more natural features, the tracks were split by a small coppice of trees half way down the track limiting some peoples cornering dog leg cornering ‘technique’. This is a ‘style’ being seen more and more frequently at duals of late where racers are pushing the limit of the rules and cocking there leg and whole body over the posts. Good for your time, not so good in the conduct stakes.

Den and John battle it out (Photo: Dom Worrall)

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Success and failure in Chamonix Mt Blanc.

Last night the cheap Semuse lager in the local tasted good.

This is not a usual occurrence as Semuse tastes of shite.

At gone 10pm last night a couple of friends and I stumbled out of a dark snowless forest, and then straight into the pub, after a long day in the mountains above Chamonix. It was a strange old day filled with last minute decisions, failure, cold fingers (and my nose), flat camera battery’s, GNAR ego boost’s, touring, shitty snow, first lifts……and last lifts. People talk of first lifts and I have been on first lift many times, but I have never been on the very first cable car from the valley and the very last one… the same day

So the day started with Searler getting uncomfortable seeing me get up with a semi-lob on and then rushing out the door at 7.30 to get the first bus. Rather annoyingly the bus wasn’t even scheduled to come until 8.20. The bus stop is about 23 seconds from my apartment so time was wasted in the local Spar browsing  the Branston pickle and 12euro bars of dairy milk in the English aisle.

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Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 5 – Christmas Special

Tuesday 21st December 2010

With the festive season looming and everyone prepped for massive infusions of grub, grog and grannies, another Tuesday night rolled around…. Winter Dual… The Christmas special. The big dump of snow Sheffield received had long since melted but with temperatures rarely getting above -5 in the woods the Endcliffe Track was a different animal. Ruts and berms formed in previous races had frozen hard, which might have been great had it not been for the layer of leaves over the top. Once they got swept away the racers got down to polishing up the iced loam.

The Frozen Loam (Photo: Dom Worrall)

Having started collecting £2 donations to race, we’d bought a new set of poles to replace the original white overflow pipe. Rob Jolley supplied us with 30 of the finest electric fence posts money can buy. Not stretching quite yet to the white version we bought them in stealth green. Thankfully Henry’s Sustrans reflectors gave us colour coded lanes and a visible course to ride. With 24 riders turning out to brave the -8°C conditions practise got underway once we managed to get the posts in the frozen ground. As it was the Christmas special tinsel and baubles were in abundance and in some cases, detrimental to performance.

Swinney takes the winney (Photo: Dom Worral)

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Alex Rankin/SHAFF Festival is going big!


This is going to be big! Alex Rankin is putting together an exclusive Sprung/Earthed montage titled ‘progression’, for SHAFF film festival right here in Sheffield on March 5th.

Not only this, but during the day we will be hosting a race locally. Everything is still TBC, but if it all goes to plan it could be a classic weekend!

Progression: Mountain Biking with Alex Rankin and Steve Peat

You have to understand where you have been to know where you are going: Alex Rankin’s iconic mountain bike series Sprung and Earthed documented the rapid development of mountain biking as well as showcasing the developments in adventure film making.
This exclusive screening will showcase scenes from all ten films in chronological order and will be followed by an interview and a Q&A with one of the legends of the sport Steve Peat: Discussing how he has managed to stay on top in a rapidly progressing sport and how he sees it developing in the future

This is a World Exclusive Screening

For more information on this and other events at SHAFF

There will also be a short film competition – Check out the website for the details on submissions

thisisheffield, CGCC and Ride Sheffield Are also planning some kind of gravity fed race that will be held during the day – details of this event will be announced shortly on  If all goes to plan, this will be a corker of an event….

Party: As always at SHAFF there will be an after party held in the Showroom bar – for details check out the SHAFF website

Date: Saturday 5th March 2011

Location: Sheffield, Showroom Cinema.

More information will be available right here soon!!

If you need to get in touch, mail:

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