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A touch of nepotism, perhaps?

A touch of nepotism, perhaps?

I received a message from Joe today inviting me to join the This Is Sheffield team and all of a sudden my head filled with ideas (not necessarily good) of what I could write about that other people could find interesting.

Before we get to the interesting stuff I’ll just give a quick introduction of myself:

My name is Ruari Hallam and I am Gee’s little brother. We are very much alike so if you know him you’ll have some idea of what I’m like. However, I am younger, fresher faced, fitter, faster, better looking… the list goes on. He has read a lot of books about stuff I’ve never even contemplated and has used the phrase “I’ve forgotten more than you know” so he would consider himself wiser than me (I wouldn’t say 10 more years has made much difference though). Other than being Gee’s brother, I am an Engineering student at the University of Sheffield. Also, I like to ride my bouncy bike, when I can afford to run it, and my Ragley mmmbop ba duba dop, ba du bop, ba duba dop…
I like Hobnobs, Milk Chocolate Hobnobs and Dark Chocolate Hobnobs. I don’t believe in god, I don’t eat meat or drink alcohol. I can often be found throwing shapes at The Tuesday Club but my music taste covers anything from soul and funk to hardcore punk to electo beats. Is that enough?

Here’s a picture of me you may have seen before.

Here’s one that shows that I can not only turn right.

Right, onto some slightly more interesting content:

I’ve been studying at Sheff Uni since September ’08. The main thing that brought me here was the huge amount of riding that’d be available on my doorstep. In the Crookes area of Sheffield you are 5 minutes ride from Bolehills BMX track (which has been newly resurfaced and the pump track updated thanks to the hard work from Malco, Dave Camus and many, many more people), another 10 minutes and you can be riding some challenging singletrack along the Rivelin valley. Or, if you’ve got the energy, you can explore the numerous crags and valleys that lie beyond Stanage.

Just yesterday, I decided to explore around the Derwent valleys and came across Cut Gate Path, one of the best descents in the Peak district! There are some epic views as you follow the numerous dams to their source, I’m sure the ride was 30 minutes longer than it should have been due to me stopping to take pictures. I’m certain that throughout my life I will continue to be mesmerised by the Peak District and I will discover many more epic riding spots in the years to come. Sheffield will always be my home!

Howden Clough, there’s small dam that looks like it’d be nice to chill in on a hot day this summer. There’s also an nice look descent

At the summit of somewhere, still not sure where to be honest…

Chow for now.

My current commute home….

My current commute home….

I’m currently working in the Port Hills in Christchurch, New Zealand. My work takes me all over the place, and seemingly the world (though Canada would be a welcome addition to the list!), and as a result I arrived in Christchurch a few weeks after the February 22nd earthquake to remedy the loose rocks that surround many parts of the city.

It’s not often I get the chance to ride home from my work place, normally the confides of a power plant or a some equally inhuman environment don’t lend themselves to an area of amazing singletrack….

Many of the tracks in the Port Hills are still closed due to the huge amount of rockfall, and as of yet there are no signs of them being re-opened anytime soon…..

This track, Anaconda, is a Port Hills classic, fast and flowing with amazing views, and this is my current ride home….enjoy!



Ed Thomsett…

Not gonna lie, when I first met Ed I thought he was a southerner…. but looking back, this was probably because he was polite and said Hello instead of grunting (Stokes)

He’s smooth on a bike and looks like a ninja, in his all black steeze. You’ll be seeing him on the site and at the races if his loan stretches that far….

He’s never had a tv in his house, loves Balti King (filth.), travelled to London to see the Saturdays and got beaten up by a bouncer for wearing lycra.

Looking good.

Check out Duncan Philpotts short edit of Ed (and friends at the end) :

Here’s some shots from him aswell:

Someone also sent in this funny story about Ed getting the shit kicked out of him by Swiss farmers:

“i was having a bit of trouble with this, i cant really think of anything really hilarious that has happened to ed, HW, this is a good tale which involves him.
Swiss farmer story-
In summer 2009, while staying over with ed for a few weeks while he was on a season, a group of us decided to go over and ride at champery. After riding the wc track, we then decided to go ride a piece of single track that guy and chris had seen on a map. Getting to the trail involved a real long hikeabike up to the top of the hill it started on.
So we began riding down this trail and it was real sweet, after about 5 mins riding we got to an electric fence with a young swiss farmer stood behind it. He started shouting at us, and said that he wasnt gonna let us continue riding the trail through his land.
Our friend Alex, who has lived in france for a long time started shouting at the guy in french, this lasted for about 5 minutes and resulted in alex calling the farmer an ‘ignorant swiss fuck’, at this the farmer pulled out his phone and called sum of his boys up, we were like fuck you and walked back off up the trail. So after a half hour climb our group reaches the top of the descent and now faced the prospect of a further half hour push back up to the lift station home to morzine or an easy cruse down the fire road to get a different lift home.
At this point alex claims that we should not go down the fire road because the farmers round there were real inbred and wud not mind fucking us up, we ignored his advice and all decided it would be better to just bomb the fire road back to the lift.

We ride past a real shit restaurant and sum guy pops his head out on his phone, we think nothing of it then ride down a connecting bit of single track which misses out a big loop of road, when we reconnect with the road a car screams to a halt in front of us. Out jumps this little prick swiss farmer we had argued with earlier and his fucking gorilla dad, who was going totally wild on us.
Then another 3 or 4 farmers come out of a nearby barn and start getting involved.
So we are a bit stuck, the car is blocking the road and his kinda split the group in half, chris, alex and guy on one side, me and ed on another. The gorilla turns on the larger group first and tries to take chris’s bike off him by roundhouse kicking him! Monkey starts squaring up to him in an old school fisty cuffs stance! Then alex, guy and chris manage to escape. While all this was going on I leg it back up the trail and hide, shouting at ed the whole time to do one. Then, when about 50m back up the trail, i look back and see ed shitting himself, frozen to the spot. Then the farmers start on ed, They start proper teeing off on him and goin mental, ed is in a little ball and the farmer is punching his fullface and trying to rip it off his head!! mad shit! then i walk down the trail after hiding my bike and try get the farmer to calm down, this fails real bad and i just end up on the floor with ed while the farmers surround us and contemplate where they are gonna dump our dead-tourist-fucking-biker bodies. they keep screaming at us and me and ed just shout back at them in english making prayer signs at them with our hands! loads of bikers and walkers came past while all this was happening and did totally fuck all, they just looked at the floor while they walked past and allowed us poor bastards to just continue getting schooled by Switzerland’s most inbred farm G’s. It was pretty scary stuff because we were really in the sticks and there were no police or anything for miles.
We were saved by some swiss woman who came out of one of the buildings a fair while later and managed to calm the farmers down to a certain extent, but they were still mega pissed and it was real tense walking out of there after going and retrieving our bikes. Then after finding the others we got followed by the farmers on a quad and we had to run the border out of Switzerland, up a real steep trail while constantly shitting ourselves that they were gonna bezz up behind us on their quad and murk us.
eventually we got back to morzine, no one hurt, no bikes nicked, and a real good story! “

Hello world.


This is my first post on this bit of cyberspace so i thought I’d give you a taster of what i do… Photos.

The slightly ambiguous title is all about where these photos were taken, Sheffield! Here are some shots from the past couple of months from riding spots local to Sheffield.

From the urban areas of the city we have the Bolehill BMX and Downhill:

And not to forget the occasional street spot!

Next up we have one of the more widely known spots, Wharncliffe:

Then, not forgetting, the many miles of Peak District which border the city:

Well thanks for reading! Expect some of those moving photos in the future and enjoy the sun while its here. coverage of the Peaty’s Steel City DH by Alex Rankin coverage of the Peaty’s Steel City DH by Alex Rankin

The legend that is Alex Rankin filmed and has edited this brilliant edit of the days events for Sit back with a brew and enjoy reliving the days fun.

Many thanks again to everyone that made it happen and helped us along the way. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

Duncan Philpott gets his second POD on Pinkbike

Dan Sheridan at Simply Downhill Round 1 at Nant G. Photo: Duncan Philpott

Duncan Philpott gets his second POD on Pinkbike

Our in house photo genius Duncan Philpott has just claimed his second Picture of the Day over on Pinkbike for this absolute cracker. Shot at the Simply Downhill round 1 at Nant Gwrtheyrn it shows a very pinned Dan Sheridan trying to keep the bike down.

Great work Dunc!

Dan Sheridan at Simply Downhill Round 1 at Nant G. Photo: Duncan Philpott

Jack Reeeeeeding rips Wharny a new one.

Jack Reeeeeeding rips Wharny a new one.

Cool video on a sweet track, just a shame about the EPICLY long interview at the start. Give it a skip forward for the riding!

Photo: Callum T

After a frustrating result at the University Champs on Saturday it was nice to head to Wharncliffe Woods in Sheffield on Sunday for a day in front of the video camera of George Milner and photo camera of Callum Biggin.

We had a full day of shooting. I was riding all day and after cleverly forgetting my lunch I was fortunate to find 4 SIS energy bars in my bag. These kept me going throughout the day, although not a complete answer to the replacement of real food, I definitely wouldn’t have survived without them!

I spent the whole day pushing up two of, in my opinion, the best tracks in Wharncliffe, ‘Truffle Shuffle’ – built by Gee Hallam, and ‘Super Trout’ – built by Rob Stokes. For me many of the tracks in Wharny fight the hill a bit too much and lack flow. Then when they do really go with the gradient it becomes too tight so you have to be frustratingly on the brakes. Not these tracks. As you will see from the video they are fast, flowy, jumpy, fun and with some knarly bits thrown in there!

Here is the link to the video:

Tomorrow my new Ellsworth Dare arrives which I am very excited to unveil at the first round of the British National Series this weekend along with my new Team mates for 2011 – UK Expert rider James Swindon and UK Youth rider Christian Harrison.

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