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2011 MTB Slideshow

2011 MTB Slideshow

What’s that..? Its photos, in a video, on the internet.

Here’s a short summary of what i’ve taken photos of in the mountain bike world over the past year:

A few statistics for you too..

Over 450,000 views on a few pages of photos at
8 “Photo of the Day”s
3 Magazine double page spread photos and 1 double page article about me in the past 4 months!

Thanks to all those that have supported me.. here’s to a successful 2011!




Yesterday was very productive. After a couple of months stalling at the ski village we got back to digging and continued the development of the trail. A new bridge was completed and several sections of existing trail improved and tweaked. Great work by the digging crew. This is all in order to complete the track for opening to the public come April, more details will follow in the coming months.

Just a note: The track is NOT available to the public yet, please respect this or you may jeopardise future use.

As a thankyou for all the hard volunteering over the past months SSV allowed us to use the uplift to ride the trail which was the first time for many of the diggers who have actually built it. To spice things up, and cos  we love it, we also had a little mates race to finish. Craig ‘trail fairy’ Evans was victorious although only because he cut the course in 2011. Stewards will be investigating. Above, you see JoBo wearing this second place prize with pride. Ruari took 3rd place and fastest ‘Ard tail.


Swinny, Dunc and the SPS

Swinny, Dunc and the SPS

Our in house Pinner and recent entry in to the Elite Catagory, James ‘Swinny’ Swinden has spent the past couple of days training and riding with the Steve Peat Syndicate. He’s been accepted on to the squad and will be receiving all the support and impetus being part of such a well organised team will bring. Watch out for Swinny at all the nationals this year and for reports of his progress.

The SPS have also been employing the talents of TiS Tog Duncan Philpott to document the new batch of riders being indoctrinated in to the team and working with Podium performace at Sheffield Hallam University. Dunc will be working extensively with the SPS over the coming season and bringing his acclaimed eye and lens to bear. The above photo is the first example of this union shot by Dunc over at Wharncliffe with Peaty and Swinny ready to drop in. Dunc’s got a new blog over on his site, keep checking in for more examples of this great work.

Watch out for more Tis on the SPS.


Winter Dual – Round 2 – Slideways

Winter Dual – Round 2 – Slideways

Joes's BFe vs Pole (Photo: Henry Norman)

Last Wednesday night we were back in the woods following a good week of solid rain. It did not abate for our evening of racing leaving us with little traction and wide grins on our faces. Things kicked off a little later than normal as some crack head had made off with my Charge Blender from outside decathlon. Thankfully I had another bike to ride and we set about laying out lights and poles to make a course. Timmy took charge of the white course poles while the lights were taped to last years green poles. Tim managed to find a cracking left hander around a tree in to an off camber slideways section. You could set up early and pop over a large root, perhaps employing the Peat-Plant technique, or stay wide and fast and hope to find grip.

The rain was persistent for a while but eventually gave up and the track started to bed in a little. There was still little traction to be had in sections but that’s what we were there for and separated the men from the boys. How some of these lads do it is still beyond my comprehension.

Isabel Marshall was very kindly on hand again to provide timing duties and was ably assisted by a drunk and amusing Henry Norman. He’d been on the ale all afternoon, hence not racing, but was full on banter. Issy takes no shit and sorts the results out fast, we couldn’t have raced without her.

With 30 entrants we didn’t need Qualification, and Hanna and Warren were lucky enough (or unlucky as they were stood still for a very long time) to get a by through to the second round. The first round went pretty much to form other than Craig throwing away his first run against Mallo. The battle of the Steve’s was a great one with some excellent start line banter, however Peat was victorious and moved on to the second round.

Round two saw a spectacular Bowman catastrophe which we are still trying to figure out. Up against team pinner Swinny the pressure was on. First run, Joe got too far slideways and couldn’t recover even with the trees help. Second run, in the left hand lane, Joe was up on the Swindog but clipped the last pole too hard. It somehow became entangled in to the front wheel of his BFe taking him down hard. He ended up on the floor with the spike from the pole just  few inches from his nose. Madness.

Quarters were a pretty clean affair with no major offs or upsets and all the fast lads had the root hop line nailed. This set up some great Semi’s with Swinny facing up against his soon to be team owner, Peaty. They were far too polite on the start line, bumping fists and wishing each other all the best, simply masking the true desire to win. The first round was almost too close to call and it was Peaty’s mistake on the second run which eventually put Swinny through to the final. The battle of the Pearson Twins in the other semi was too close to call with both of them putting down faultless runs, however Timothy was given the benefit of the doubt and took on Swinny in the big final. Chris went on to take the win in the small final over Peaty and a mistake in Timmy’s first run gave the big win to Swinny! Quite the night.

So this season we’re having a series of 8 dual races with the overall being decided by the best 6 results allowing a couple of chances to miss a night or not quail (er hmm). Each race has a maximum of 32 Gnar points available for the winner, with 2nd place getting 31 Gnar’s. The top placed lady will also receive 32 Gnar points. See the results below.


Nick’s Charge Blender has been Stolen

Nick and The blender in happier times

My Charge Blender was stolen from outside Decathlon in Sheffield at 5:30 on 7th December. Please see the attached picture of me and her in happier times.
Black Charge Blender frame
Rock Shox Pike 454 Air U-Turn
Hope Headset 1 1/8th
Spank Spike Chrome Stem
Chromag Chrome OSX Bars
Black Ragley Grips
Formula Bianco Chrome Brakes
X9 Sram Shifter – On Matchmaker mount
Middleburn RS7 Silver cranks and spider
FSA 34t Chainring Silver/Black
Superstar Plasma Black chain device
Thomson Elite Inline Seatpost 410mm black
Charge Spoon Saddle White
X9 Sram rear mech – Short Cage
Front wheel – Sun Ringle Singletrack with bolt through black hub
Rear Wheel – Mavic 321 on Shimano QR hub

CGCC and This is Sheffield Stickers plastered all over it. Rides really rad.

If you see it anywhere, please let me know or just exact the revenge Karma demands.

Winter Dual 2011


The 2011 winter dual season kicked off with a bang a couple of weeks ago with possibly the best dual yet. There had been a lot of banter going about and folk were very excited to get back to being sideways in the Endcliffe loam. We got there early to setup with Joe Bow and Hannah helping out after labelling up the fresh consignment of TiS Tees. Merch… Boom!

It was just like old times; in the woods, in the park, fixing lights to trees. Magic. Jolley kindly supplied a brand new set of posts for the new season, however, this year we upgraded. White poles. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. No more Sustrans slap wraps falling off every five minutes.

We were setting up at 7 and within 10 minutes the crew started to form, everyone keen to get practise runs in. I selected the original track to get us started, wide open with no obstacles other than a few concealed roots and a fun compression at the end. With the warm dry November the ground was still pretty hard keeping it slippy. Everyone did us proud bringing their lights along to the point where we actually had too many. Thanks to everyone that did, it made racing really easy (however, please bring them next time too!).

The success of the Spring and Autumn Series must have left riders gagging for more racing as we had the biggest number of riders to date,  43 showed up and threw down. With that many we could finally run a race of 32 which quali runs whittled us down to. Having only ever run races of 16 before it was with slight trepidation that it could take far too long. However, with the dream team of Mari and Izzy in control of the timing and with me shouting at people at the start gate (after failing to qualify!) it was smooth sailing and racing was done in a little over 2 hours. Amazing, massive thanks to Mari and Izzy and everyone else that put a post back in the ground or just helped out. It can’t happen without you.

Racing was tight but the left hand lane was definitely slightly quicker. However, with a run in each everything got evened up. With about 20 spectators on top of all the riders the atmosphere was great with as much chatting and catching going on as cheering and jeering.

We had 4 ladies enter which was brilliant as it meant they could have their own race. Slightly different format with each of them racing each other twice and gaining points for a win. This racing was even tighter than the men’s race and equally hard fought with arguably harder slams! Hopefully we can keep this going throughout the series and crown an overall winner. If any other ladies are keen to race, please get in touch.

One of the standout moments of the night was celebrating the delight that is #SheffGnar which pays homage to the great Shane McConkey in a Yorkshire manner. TiS’s own Duncan Philpodd called out Steve Peat on the start line with a classic “I can’t believe you’re a World Champ, I’m so much better than you!”. After the stitches from laughter had died down, they were off and the World Champ smashed the POD extraordinaire.

The results speak for themselves and with Dom Worrall on hand to take the great photos you see here the winter seasons was declared open and ready for battle. Keep checking back for more updates over the next few months.






Fastest times

Dirt #118 – Buy Prints from the Sheffield Article

Dirt #118 – Buy Prints from the Sheffield Article

Hopefully you’ve had a read of the Sheffield article in Dirt #118, please leave comments below letting us know what you thought.

Dirt ‘Tog Grant Robinson has strangely agreed to produce a set of prints from these Nug’s. Normally he wouldn’t do this. However, on this occasion his love of Sheffield and our scene, means you can get an very high quality A4 print for 15 quid, 30 for a  A3.

Email before December 18th to place your order. Send me the filenames you would like and payment will be via paypal only. £2.50 for postage for A4, £4.00 for A3 or pick up for free in Sheffield.



Mustache Comp winners!!

Mustache Comp winners!!

We’ve had some great entries into the Movember contest, to win tickets for the From the inside out Premier.

It’s been a tough decision…….. So we’ve had to pick 2 instead of 1 winner.

The winners are:

Cheggars with this amazing creation on his face.

and Paul from Recycle Bikes with this true classic.

Congrats boys, your tickets will be under your name on the door.

Don’t forget people, From The Inside Out premier, is at the Showroom Sheffield  this Tuesday December 6th. Tickets available online at THE SHOWROOM.

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