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To wipe away the winter Blues ThisiSheffield are putting on a Saturday night of entertainments at the Lantern Theatre in Nether Edge. Tickets are £4 and are available here.

This will include:

  • Film Première
  • Best Bike Video Clip Contest
  • Ghetto-Pallooza
  • Bike Quiz
  • Fancy Dress Contest

Let me try and explain….


A cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Enter the Dragon, Dogtown, RAD and Sprung (on four wheels) this is a must see movie. A few weeks ago JoeBo showed me a video for a pair of shoes he desperately wanted… a 5:10 rep wanting a pair of shoes?? This had to be good… this was the video he showed me…

A week later I was speaking to Rich Baybutt, he said “Have you heard of MachoTailDrop?”… he showed me the following trailer and proceeded to talk me through how he’s searched all over the interweb for it but couldn’t find the DVD anywhere. “Pah” I thought… I’ll show him. However, it was true, there was no way we could actually get to see this slice of Surreality.

Probing down a bit further I found the guys that made it and, on the off chance, sent them an email and low and behold… They’ve posted over a Blu-Ray for us to show! This will be the finale to out evenings entertainment. If you want to know more about the film and try to figure out what the hell its about check out this, this, this and this and have a good read of this

Film Clip Contest


On the night we will be getting the audience to judge the best clip contest. This is a competition that anyone can enter, you just need to send in a link to your clip and tell us why you think its Rad. We have 3 categories with a prize for each and a maximum clip length of 30 seconds. Its not an edit contest, just clips.

  • Funniest #lol
  • Best Crash #ooo
  • Raddest Trick #rad

You can send us your link in 2 ways:

The prize will be given to the owner of the clip, so don’t send in other peoples work unless you want them to get the prize.


You may well have seen or even had a go on Rollapaluza and know how much of a laugh it is and how hard it it. However, we’re going to be running our own mountain bike version which will involve a head to head dual race on a turbo trainer with a beer to quench your thirst at the end. Entry will be on the night and the competition will be a knockout format.

Bike Quiz

Working in teams everyone will compete over a series of rounds including picture, video and music questions testing your knowledge of the biking world and beyond.

The Lantern Theatre

The Theatre itself is amazing, if you haven’t been there yourself you should take this opportunity. Built by a Victorian Gentleman to host his own private theatre productions to entertain his friends, this is a full featured theatre miniaturised. The theatre is here just off Psalter Lane. Check out these pictures of it. Most importantly it has a well stocked bar which we will aim to drink dry over the course of the evening.


Buy your tickets through the Paypal link below, we wont be issuing tickets but your name will be on the Door on the night.

Fancy Dress Contest

The best dressed ManWolf of the night will receive a great prize… What is a ManWolf? If you’ve watched the above trailers you’ve probably got a good idea. But here’s some more inspiration.

Download these to make your own jacket.

Rich Baybutt dreamed up this corker of what happens when JoBo straps on his Man Wolf Shoes

Winter Dual – Round 3 – Christmas Special

Winter Dual – Round 3 – Christmas Special

Ho ho ho was the cry with bells jingling all the way and a few red noses, the week before Christmas, the third round of the winter dual series was on. To mark the season of goodwill all proceeds raised were to be donated to the Scott Shepard recovery fund. Adding to the festive feel all entrants were required to dress as Santa, a loose dress code which added hugely to the merriment of the evening.

How many santas does it take to race a dual? (Photo: John Horscroft)

Joe and I rocked up early only to find Peaty, Jack and Cheggers lugging a genny and a set of red Christmas lights over a fence. Not as all suspicious! But worth the effort, the combo of silent generator and lights laid the foundations for an extra special evening. As more and more folk turned up the hilarity of Santa vs Santa became more apparent, this was going to be ridiculous. To add to the festive and friendly mood Fera Baybutt and Vicki Eastham were kind enough to spend the evening serving up the Mulled wine which Rich Baybutt had concocted. For a couple of quid you got a cup of your spiced beverage of choice plus a gingerbread man made by Vicki. Delicious, warming and all proceeds to Scott. Magnificent and hopefully the shape of things to come.

Baying crowd (Photo: Nick Hamilton)

We got the course laid out and lit and practise began in earnest. With a great turnout we had 32 santas racing head to head, the scene was ludicrous. It was a fast a pretty straight track until you hit the last corner. The right hand line took in the bottomless dip and the left a loose a slick sprint for the finish. The dip brought the end to many a run!

Chegs and 'Winny (Photo:Nick Hamilton)

Izzy and Mari were once again our timing angels and kept the whole race running smooth. I also brought along a white board and magnetic numbers and names to let everyone know who was racing when. Unfortunately, KRad was a victim of the system, sorry lad will make sure you race next time. Otherwise, it worked brilliantly and it was one of the smoothest races yet. Dave, Henry and Steve were also kind enough to work the walkie talkies which meant I could wonder round, drink mulled wine and indulge in the real purpose of the races. Socialising.

Start line banter (Photo: John Horscroft)

With 32 entries it was straight to the main event, no quali’s. The white board meant a proper random start order which made for some interesting pairings. In the first round I fell victim to the dip and crashed out but luckily (for me) Lee Baines missed a gate and was honest enough to own up. Malco and Danger had a needle match first round but Danger took no prisoners. Sam Taylor, our youngest entrant, was heartlessly beaten by Steve Hardcastle but he got plenty of practice in and was looking reet good on course. Carrie Poole smashed Alec Hartley, who couldn’t stay on his bike, and went through to the second round. Another  fella to be beaten by a girl was the other half of team Faff, Dave Griffith who was dispatched by Jody Vallance. Good work ladies.

Timmy fixing up Will's bike.... good will to all men

Unfortunately, In the second round, they then came head to head where Carrie showed Jody how it was done. Timmy and Swinny also came head to head and it was down to the wire with Swinny coming out victorious. I faced Peaty with the inevitable result… no no, he won.

Moving on to the quarters Will and Joe had a proper battle which left Bowman buckling under the pressure and will able to use all the energy he had stored up on the couch. Carrie’s first time in the quarters left her facing an on form Cheg’s who was very ungentlemanly and didn’t hold back.

The BIG final, Swinny taking on the Mighty Peat (Photo: Nick)

After battling through the Semis we were left with Cheg’s and Will in the little final and Swinny and Peaty in the big. Someone wisely pointed out that at any other race Peaty is well loved and is the recipient of loud cheers and encouragement. In this dual series all he seems to get is discouragement and calls to fall off… perhaps its working, Swinny took the winny… AGAIN! Thankfully he’s already confirmed as being on the SPS for 2012.

Secret Santa (Photo: John Horscroft)

Then came the prize giving and in another Christmas twist we rocked the secret Santa. The rules were that the prize had to be worth at least 3 quid and must be wrapped up. The sight of a load a prezzies on the floor around the base of a massive tree was amazing and richly Christmas. Swinny was first to pick and unwrapped his gift in front of everyone, he chinned his bottle of Bucks Fizz in front of the baying crowd. He was the ceremoniously showered with another bottle of Bucks Fizz by Peaty, Boom! The selection process continued until we all got impatient and couldn’t wait to pick a prize. I have Timmy to thank for my 4 tins of fish… merry bastard Christmas. It was then off to the Lezzer for a couple of celebratory pints afterwards.

How many? How do you choose? (Photo: Henry Norman)

This leaves the overall in an interesting position at the top. Peaty and Swinny are neck and neck, with Timmy third, Jolley 4th and Chris Pearson 5th. Hanna is still our highest ranked lady, with Carrie only a point behind and Jody snapping at their heels.

Swinny necking his prize (Photo: Henry Norman)

Pints in the pub after (Photo: Henry Norman)

So many thanks go out to everyone that came along to race and got dressed up or decorated their bikes. Thanks again to Izzy and Mari for timing, Fera and Vicki for serving up the Christmas Cheer, Rich Baybutt for blending the brew, Bowman for his nevr ending assistance and the same to Timmy whose always packing up poles at the end. 2012 is going to be Rad, can you believe we’ve only had 3 rounds!


Lets Restart the Counter – PhilPod 1

Lets Restart the Counter – PhilPod 1

We’re only half way through January and Dunc’s talent has already been recognised by the good folk over at PinkBike. Ian Hylands has just awarded Dunc todays POD for this beaut of a Shot from Woburn.

As the light fades at the end of the day’s xc ride Phil Atwill gets rowdy on his xc hardtail, water bottle in frame and boosting in the rain!

Here’s to PhilPOD1 for 2012.

Heeley Millennium Park Opening

Heeley Millennium Park Opening

New Pump Track and Skills Loop built by Steve and co over at

This awesome new facility for the local community is having its official launch this Saturday. Are you going to head on down and check it out? We are.

Saturday 14th, 12:30 pm HERE

“This Saturday Heeley Development Trust is launching the opening of its new Mountain Bike and BMX track in Heeley Millennium Park. Built as part of the major revamp for the Millennium Park by and Heeley Development Trust staff the new track is just the first part of a Big Lottery funded Changing Spaces Project. The new path weaves in and out of the trees across the whole of the bottom of the park from Well Road across to Gleadless Road by the Sheaf View pub.

Andy Jackson, manager of Heeley Development Trust which owns and manages the Millennium Park, says “Mountain bike riding is becoming more and more popular but not everyone can get out to the Peak District or the Pennines. This track gives people a chance to practice here in the city. There’s something there for everyone – from the beginners to the most experienced and folk can work their way up from getting round the corners up to some very technical ‘skinnies’ “ ( that’s balancing beams to the rest of us!). The Trust will have bikes for people to borrow on the day, experts on hand to give advice on riding the course and there’ll be a load of free-standing obstacles for people to try out.

Things will be kicking off from 12 o’clock this Saturday 14th January in the Heeley Millennium Park on Well Road, just off Chesterfield Road. Local councillors Tim Rippon and Cate McDonald will be ‘cutting the ribbon’ at 12.30pm.

TiS 2011

TiS 2011

2011 has been quite the year over at TiS towers. We’ve organised races, documented our scene, made many new friends and had a right laugh on bikes. With even more planned for 2012 things are only going to get raderer from here on in. Heres the highlights of how 2011 went down.

Click on the photos and links for more details.




The year began with Timmy and Joe pulling a few skids once the snow had melted

Dual Round 5

The inaugural winter dual season continued with the 5th race in the series, the Christmas Special. With temperatures way below zero the Loam berms froze hard giving us a very interesting track to race on. Swinny nudged out Timmy for the win.

Dual Round 5 (Photo: Dom Worrall)


Stokes residence in the Chamonix Valley bore fruit from his White Stuff Addiction

Dual round 6

Changing things up for round 6 of dual we used a different side of the hill an many natural obstacles to keep it interesting. Swinny continued to dominate and took the win from Gordan.

Swinny Drift (Photo: Dom Worrall)


Larking around on Blacka with a go pro, Baker-Mount and the Alexander Technique.

Dual Round 7

Enjoying the dry winter round 7 used even more of the wood for racing obstacles. Timmy came out of top getting his revenge on Swinny.

Timmy tongue balancing (Photo: Dom Worrall)


Rainy Day

The rain set in but it didnt dampen TiS Spirits, Joe shot Ru and Swindog at sideways play.

PhilPOD #1

Duncan scored his first PinkBike POD of the year with this now notorious shot of Ruari getting his bars down.

Ruari Hallam getting em down (Photo: Duncan Philpott)

Break the Pussy

Stokes getting up high again in Cham

Nant G

Swin and JoBo race on little bikes at Nant G, PhilPOD was on hand to shoot the action


New Gee Land

Gee reports in from NZ to depress us through the winter months

Peaty’s Steel City DH

Myself and Joe were part of the 5 man team that put on the Steel City DH. Incredibly successful, despite the weather, watch out for the next instalment this year. Swinny took second place in the elites, 9 seconds behind Peaty himself. Alex Rankin and Freecaster were on hand to film the whole event.

Dual World Champs

The day after the SSDH, the weather broke and we used to sunshine to host the finale of the winter dual series, the Dual World Champs. With a bunch of hangers on from the race we sessioned the Hell out of Farmer Jacks dual berms. Seb Kemp took the honours on the day and looked smooth as hell in the process.

BUCS XC 2011

The video that needs no introduction, just watch it again to make yourself smile.

PhilPODs 2nd POD

Duncan scores his second POD with this shot of Dan Sheridan and Nant G


British 4x Round 1

Duncan shot over at Lemington Spa and reported in as well as shooting some crackers.

El Jacko

Joe and Jack headed over to Spain for some end of season ‘training’

BDS Round 2

Dunc was shoting over at Moelfre for the second round of the BDS, check the sick slideshow and writeup.

PhilPODs 3rd POD

Dunc scored his 3rd POD of the year with this epic shot through the lens of Joes sunnies.


Jamie at Wideopen Mag came up to Shef for a long weekend and reported back on the glory he found

Swinny at Chicky

Dunc and Swinny met up at Chicksands, which proved to be quite a fruitful lark about.


Cotic X

The first sighting of the Cotic X cyclocross bike under the ‘contol’ of Swinny, more of that later.

Spring Series Starts

To keep us entertained through the Spring I came up with a series of races ranging from the sublime, to the ridiculous to the down right painful. The first round was a Dual and the second a pump track race at JoBos. Keeping track of  the results, we could crown an overall winner.

Spring Series Round 3

A Mini DH was contested for round 3 and what a night, sunshine and dusty trails. Swinny took the win with Gordon just behind.

Timmy roosting (Photo: Duncan Philpott)

Skye High

Ruari heads up to the Isle of Skye and takes advantage of the scenery.

Saturday Afternoon

Swinny showing why he’s moving on up to Elite this year. Shot and editted by Joe. Class.

New TiS Team Kit

With thanks to Bigstone and Chromag, the new team kit was born.

Stokes, Bowman and Hamilton (Photo: John Alexander)


Round 4 of the spring series was the race which has inspired a wave of similar races around the country. Mass start DH with a pint to chin at the end. This one was written up for DIRT #113 too.


Fame at last, the condom machine in’t Lezzer was ours (until they removed it, dont pull in the Lescar unless you are prepared).

Cotic X

Joe put together this promo video for Cotic to promote the X, their excellent cyclocross machine. Starring Swinny smashing it on the way to work and featuring Stokes (well his arse).


Fort Bill

Joe, Dunc, Stokes and Myself all headed up to Fort Bill for the World Cup, and what a weekend it was. The sun was out and the midges were in hiding. Perfect. The drunken antics after were worth the journey up there alone.


Arguably the hardest racing round to date, the LycraFest was just supposed to be a bit of fun in encliffe park. It turned out to be an hour of torture. Si Chop took first place with Swinny a very close and sweaty second.

Motivated by Snakes

Gee enjoying the local trails of NZZzzzzz

Leogang WC

Post Fort Bill Dunc headed to Leogang following the world cup train.

Build a Jump

Peaty launched a competition to build and ride the best jump. Joe was on hand to help out.

Swinny Training Hard

He’s got what it takes.


PhilPODs 4th POD

Dunc scored his 4th POD over on Pinkbike for a celebration of Americana on the 4th July.

Swinny and the BDS

Swinny hit the BDS hard last year, with mixed results.


Joe hit up the Mega as part of his summer tour.

Cycle Speedway

For round 7 of the spring series we hit up Sheffield imfamous cycle speedway track for a dust and fun filled evening. The Sheffield Stars and Rob Mahwood keep welcoming us back thankfully, it is so much fun.

Single Track Weekender

I and a few mates hit up the Singletrack Weekender. We battled the weather and each other and had a reet laugh.

Cham Stoked

Stokes had a few visitors in Cham this summer, most of em brought bikes.

British 4x Champs

Dunc worked the 4x champs at Harthill and produced this banger.

National Champs

Swinny raced over at Llangollen for the national champs.


XC Heaven

The final round of the spring series was an XC blast around the hope valley from 18 bikes. Somehow I came out victorious in both this round and overall. The investigation still continues.

This is Sweeden

Joe spent a lot of the summer in Sweden with Hanna, he produced this great edit. Love the intro mostest.


Line poaching at its finest. Ru and Joe do a fine job.


Swinny = Winny

Swinny had a change a luck at the end of the season

PhilPODs 5th POD

Dunc’s run of form continued and he was awarded another POD on pinkbike

Hey Bud

Ed Thomsett spent the summer ripping up Whistler


I was lucky enough to be taken away to Norway with a bunch of mates for the weekend by a good mate of mine Piers Linney. It was to celebrate his 40th birthday and will never be forgotten.

PhilPODs 6th POD

The dream team on Dunc and Ruari crack out another beaut and Dunc was awarded his 6th POD of the year. Amazing talent.

Farmer Johns

A bunch of the TiS crew headed over to race at Farmer Johns, at night!


We raced and Partied in Swinny’s field to celebrate the sunshine and commiserate the loss of the HOBO.

Autumn Gatherings

Our Autumn get togethers kicked off in style with a couple of pints and a big bunch of mates.

Photo: Rich Baybutt

New Gee

Gee becomes a Dad to Zella, welcome to the world!

SPS in’t Woods

Dunc shoots a few with the SPS lads

PhilPODs 7th POD

The dream team get another POD on pinkbike

Second Autumn Gathering

For our second gathering I put together the TryAwfulOn, Simon Choppin was first in the water.

Photo: Rich Baybutt


Average Weekend

Some weekends are more average than others, Dunc shot Ru and Joe for this banger.

Third Gathering

The Enduro gathering suffered from bad weather and rain affected technology. It didnt really affect the grins, especially on Cheggers’ face when he was first past the post.

Photo: Dom Worrall

Fourth Gathering

The great folks over at Hassop Station Cafe hosted a gathering for us and the Time Trial was born. Everyone on the same bikes, clad in Lycra, a great laugh. Martin Baker took the win.

Photo: Dom Worrall

Dad on a bike

Gee took advantage of the burgeoning NZ spring.

Autumn Finale

The final of the Autumn gatherings was hosted by Farmer Jack on his Dual track. A great night with fires and food to follow. Peaty rightfully took the win over LooseDog Lewis.

Martin Baker took the series win, with Timmy second, Ruari Third, Dave Griffiths 4th and myself 5th. Good work lads.

Photo: Rich Baybutt


Andy Waterman from Privateer mag spent a couple of days with us in Sheffield and took part in the TryAwfulOn. He wrote a great piece about the mates races and TiS.


BDS round 4

Swinny’s run of form continued at Round 4 of the BDS.

Photo: Duncan Philpott

PhilPODs 8th POD

Duncan was awarded his 8th POD in a year for this shot of Matt Jones which was also his first Mag print in Dirt.

Photo: Duncan Philpott


PhilPOD and JoBo collaborate and Dunc’s photo gets a double page spread in MBR


We had our first TShirt printed this year, local sourced, organic and RAD. Still available for sale.

Not Philpott POD shocker

Ed Thomsett scored another POD for TiS with this beaut from Whistler.

Dirty Sheffield

Dirt #118 featured 10 pages dedicated to our fair city. Dirt ‘Tog supreme Grant ‘blurry’ Robinson spent a couple of long weekends with us in Shef and documented the scene. I then tried to condense the entire past, present and future of the Sheffield Scene in to just 10 pages. Joe did a fine job of documenting the beginnings and aspirations of TiS itself.


Winter Dual

With the winter in force, It was time for Dual to start up again. With the best turn out to date, the first one of the series set the tone.

Gnar Wars

Baybutt caught up with Danny Hart at a MX track and he had this message for us… the gauntlet has been passed.


To round off an amazing year Dunc and Joe were awarded VOD over on Pinkbike for the Radwheel edit of the year. Brilliant.

So that it, 2011 done. It was incredibly Rad and has set the bar very high for 2012. However, we’re even more inspired than we’ve ever been and aim to make many things happen. So keep it locked to TiS we aim to keep you riding and grinning.

New Edit for Five Ten – Sam Dale

New Edit for Five Ten – Sam Dale

Joe and Duncan ventured to Macclesfield to work on this small edit + photo article for Five Ten, here’s the goods:

“The first in a series of Athlete Winter Catch Ups.

Sam Dale has been a long time Five Ten Athlete. Here we see him thrash his XC bike around his local training ground.

Sam chooses to wear the Five Ten Freerider White Tiger for all occasions.
Check it out HERE

Wallpaper of above image: WIDE +  NORMAL

Sam and his Dad have a healthy obsession for anything 2 wheels. Here he is on his Honda SL125, foot out, flat out.

A cold wintery morning, Macclesfield Forest provides Sam with his winter training ground.

2011 didn’t go as planned in some ways for him. When things change mid-season it’s not good for the mind of a Professional racer.

Macc Forest, Sam’s local training ground, where he’ll be working on things, to come back firing for the up-coming season.

Being a privateer has its benefits. Plan each day as it comes and enjoy some quality time at home.

The following day Sam was heading to a Moto Trial. Here, he uses a tech hill climb as a descent. You may recognize this from the latest issue of Mbr.

Flat pedal power. Sam Dale chooses to ride flats 9/10, swapping to clipless when he feels he needs it.

It’s not that grim up North, honest.


Green Oil to keep us Lubricated for 2012

Green Oil to keep us Lubricated for 2012

Nope, Duncan isn’t sponsored by Durex and Rob isn’t sponsored by Strongbow (yet) but……

For 2012 Green Oil will be supporting This Is Sheffield with all of their eco friendly products, whilst hopefully teaching us a thing or to as well. Look out for some great things this season.

Green Oil , born out of a shed in Kent, have stormed through the saturated Lubrication market, with their Eco minded brains fully switched on. Made in the UK, using 100% recycled bottles and sustainably sourced ingredients, they have turned heads with a fresh and clean approach to bike maintenance.

Check out some products below:

Where it all began, the original Green Oil chain lube and the Clean Chain degreaser.

The CF3 re-usable lube spray. Pour 30ml of water and any other Green Oil lube or de-greaser in this bad boy, pump it up with the unique top cap and spray away.

Yep it’s a brush, but it looks rad. Made from sustainably sourced wood, no rainforest in this bad boy.

Eco Sponge.Made from the Luffa plant.

Remember those flannels you used to get as you were a kid, that expanded in water the first time? Yep, this does that too… but after a year of hard use, it’s biodegradable, so it can turn right back into a Luffa (maybe).

Check out their online store for more products and accessories.


Visiting Rob Stokes

Visiting Rob Stokes

Last day in Chamonix today, home of Rob Stokes, one of the original creators of this very site.

He’s a bit of a weapon on the old ski planks, so it’s been a trip full of carnage and awesome skiing.

Really happy with this shot of him, from up high on Brevant this morning.

Just after this…. Rob Jolley sent himself of a cliff he didn’t expect. Lol.

More to come later.


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