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Peaty’s Steel City Downhill 2012

The race reports are coming in thick and fast from all over (even the national newspapers are getting in on it) so I thought I’d best get on with mine before it becomes unfashionable.

As a child of the modern era I often overuse superlatives to describe something that probably doesn’t warrant it, e.g. “these yum yums are sensational”, when they’re actually mediocre at best. However, the Steel City Downhill is amazing! Pure class! Absoluuuutely fan-tastic!

Let me explain why:

It’s the pinnacle of mates racing in Sheffield – Everybody knows everybody and this makes the atmosphere tingle with excitement as the next rider down is one of your best mates or some cool lad you met on the trails in and around Sheffield. I remember being stood at the start ramp and cheering off a good majority of riders not just by shouting “pedal!” but “pedal JJ!” or “smash it Duncan!” or “Biggin’s a cunt!”.

It’s a race and it’s in Sheffield – It would be rude not to head along.

Steve Peat is there (not at Sea Otter!) – Can’t beat chilling with a legend.

There’s a big turnout from all categories – These races have been a complete sellout. There was also the addition of the ripper category who put many, more senior, riders to shame with their mad skills.

Rob Jolley smashed the shit out of a dog bowl, not literal shit, in the name of heckling – I’m pretty sure he shotgunned his marshal point next to the gap jump of doom before the track had even been dug.

The sendorrrrs!

Team Paige Palin, FTW

One footer on the sendorrr from Joe Camus. Photo credit to Jack Smith.

I could go on…

For me, the run up to the race started about a month ago on the first dig day. A big group of volunteers turned out to make the course what it was. They were rewarded with lunch and a brand new track. It’s great to know how easy it is to get a group of people together who work very hard shifting boulders and digging at the earth like there are diamonds buried beneath. Without them the race would have been impossible.

From here the track was left to bed in and bake hard in the summer of spring 2012, only to be drenched in the last couple of weeks in the floods of 2012… In the days running up to the event there were a few modifications and finishing touches to make a track ready to get many miles of rubber chucked down her by the Sheffield massive.

How did it go?:
For me? Terrible… I had two shocking runs, missing lines, losing momentum (which was vital to do well on this track, especially the section leading up to the hip jump before the sweet berms near the bottom), and breaking my bike. However, looking back I realize that none of that matters. I still had an excellent day, missing out on doing as many practice runs as I could because I’d seen someone else I wanted to chat to. Also, I definitely consider myself to be among the elite of hecklers. Only beaten by my mate Phil (who took a wheel to the face after a rider took a stack and the bike was catapulted into Phil… Karma?) who was calling upon the crowd to perform Mexican waves, dance routines and silent cheers as riders rode by.


Cheers for this pic Tom Richards!

For the organizers? From what I understand it was spot on, big success. No one majorly injured, few timing issues, big support from the spectators and NO RAIN (on the day…)!

There are many pictures and a few video edits of the race emerging thick and fast so have a look out. I’ll add a list of links at the bottom of this article of anything that has taken my fancy.

This one is pretty rad!:

A good write-up from Mr. Horscroft who, I’m sure many people will agree, is an excellent fellow:

This report, from Tom Richards, is on the front page of pinkbike. Contains photos and a vid:

Also, many of you will have seen this article on The Guardian. Big stuff for Sheffield!:

Strava Smashing – May

Strava Smashing – May

You may well be aware of Strava by now, we at TiS Towers certainly are. There’s already been plenty of banter between us over dominance on certain segments and its only intensifying. The amount of ebay trawling for cheap Iphone 3GS’s is getting ridiculous.

We’re planning a Strava Smashing Team ride next week and so thought we’d throw the challenge out to all. We’re planning on taking on this Segment, Devils Elbow Descent, which Swinny is already winning on. Can we take his crown? Can you?? We’re going to leave the challenge open for a month, and then intend to issue a new one at the end of May. Who knows, we might even be able to offer a prize for the winner?

The Cyber Race is on!

Swinny the Destroyer – Photo: Duncan Philpott

BUCS DH 2012

BUCS DH 2012

We’ve noticed there’s been a lack in content recently, with most of us having been very busy its now time to get back into the habit of regularly posting original content.

BUCS Downhill, one of the best downhill races in the country in terms of atmosphere and the amount of laughs!

Here’s a fairly informal series of photos showing what the University of Sheffield and myself got up to…

As with all trips from Uni we started from the arts tower at dark.

Precision packing from Sheff Uni.

Hallam with a slightly different approach..

After arriving at night we set up camp by the car headlights and woke up to find ourselves in a typical Welsh valley, Rheola.

Time to get some bikes involved!

Team Sheffield rocking some serious style.

Mid track walk, first time we realise the event is being sponsored by wine company, alcohol is probably one of the more appropriate prizes to give students at an event depending on your view of things…

Doesn’t take long before minds wander on the track walk.

Afternoon practice, Oliver Lynch from Hallam wiping out at high speed!

After practice its time to recover for racing… eating plain pasta, the food of champions, by torchlight…

… Under the clear night sky.

Race qualifying and Dave’s crowd pleasing!

Andrew Fowles charging down one of the super ruts.

Race runs and a shot of the true BUCS spirit!

Jack Reading’s 4th attempt at taking the win, bad luck had thwarted him previously yet today he lost out to Emyr Davies by a fraction of a second.

Braking steps anyone?

Time for the prize giving and Bangor Uni have turned up in their masses!

Post racing people got mischievous in the extra ordinarily warm Welsh weather.


On the return journey to sheffield we stopped at the Forest of Dean.


For the results check out roots and rain.

POD 5 2012

POD 5 2012

PhilPOD picked up his 5th POD of 2012 over on PinkBike over the Easter Weekend of this great shot of Hanna Jonsson sending a cheeky line.

In this case the Easter Bunny Ian Hylands said “It’s seeing shots like this that really make me grateful for not having to ride down things like this on a regular basis. Beautiful shot, good composition, and so rare that we get to see a good shots of a girl ripping that’s not on a race course.

This is Swinny: My Mega Month March

This is Swinny: My Mega Month March

March is when it all started to come together, a month when things happened.

For starters we had that incredible weather throughout, that mixed with the clocks changing meant for plenty more riding than usual! But a few personal touches were added to the memory bank.

It all started off with an SPS team gathering round at Peaty’s place.. not your usual meet however as this was a van sticker peeling day.. maybe not the most enthralling of activities but a job that needed doing non the less. It was good to see so many of the team turn up to one of Tristans less than great ideas.. He was loving it tho!

We then got to take a quick spin around Greno woods and have a little look at this years Steel City track. All involved have put in some solid work and the track is looking in great shape, an improvement on last years for sure. It’s going to be another banging event!

Next up was my birthday, I met up with Rob Jolley and Race dad made it out for a spin so we headed over to Wyming Brook. A cool spot that nestles on the edge of Sheffield. We had a laugh, got loose in some switchbacks, pulled some wheelies, Jolley fell in the river trying to ride across it, I hit this weird step up, and we found a spot positioned nicely on a rock to look down through the valley to Sheffield where we sipped a few tinnies if Stella and ate muffins.. Then one more run, slightly drunk, and back off home and straight out to town. A night of Corp until eventually bed at 5:30 the next morning.. A pretty cool Birthday really.

We then had the excitement of the DH Wold Cup season kicking off all over again, our boy Joe Bow headed out to PMB to work with Peaty on his web series, ‘This Is Peaty’, with the big man hitting a huge 100 world cup finals starts, a pretty significant figure. Congratulations boss man!

After returning from his travels, I met up with a very jet-lagged Joe to have a bit of a catch up, and we had a lovely dinner cooked for us by Marian, Thanks Mari! and Joe handed me a Birthday present in the shape of a set of Burgtec Penthouse pedals! A damn good pedal! Spot on pin placement and perfect dimensions make this pedal feel like no other under foot, and with a titanium axel to boot.. what more could you ask for?!

A week or so later and the conclusion of Dual racing in Endcliffe park took place in less than familiar conditions. With dry dust as opposed to greasy mud, as well as day light! Well, for practice that is. It actually made it quite difficult practicing in day light then having to race in the bike-light lit dark. Trying to go as fast as practice yet not being able to see too far past the post you were cornering made for some comical on board errors. The final round was a good sign off for the series. I took the win on the night followed by the overall, then off to the Greedy Greek for a sample of their food and a bit of prize giving. In true Hamilton fashion, Rum was the prize. A nice warm feeling in the stomach, closely followed by hard work to keep it all down! I also picked up a pretty cool trophy to go with it, a little pot filled with Endcliffe loam attached to a chog of wood.. 80+ racers throughout the 9 round series is pretty cool. Cheers all!!

And finally, to cap off ‘My Mega Month March’, I got my hands on this beauty.

My race bike for the year. Not much needs to be said about the most winning-est DH bike out there, apart from I daren’t ride it in case i get it dirty! This bike feels incredible and I cant wait for the season ahead. A huge thanks goes to Ricky Bobby over at North West MTB for having the time and facilities to put such a huge project together, Steve Peat, Tristan Tunstal and all else involved in the big bike build.. I would have come over to help had it not been for Steve and Joe playing a little joke on me..

So, Thanks everyone involved for an awesome March, Here’s to the rest of 2012!


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