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Sheffield Mates Racing 2012 – Get involved

Sheffield Mates Racing 2012 – Get involved

Its exciting times at TiS towers, the Summer Series of Mates Races is about to get underway. Now by the nature of these races they have to stay a bit under the radar and somewhat exclusive… well to mates. Unofficial throw downs they serve to pit amigo against amigo in a race for bragging rights and pub plaudits.

We get a lot of requests about how other people could get involved with them but unfortunately this just cant happen. They would have to become official, paid for, insured races and that’s what we run Peatys Steel City DH for. Until now that is. You may have noticed that we run Dual races all through the winter to bring a little flood lit joy to the dark winter nights. Well, we’re bringing dual to the masses.

As park of Sheffield’s Cliffhanger outdoor festival we will be setting up the dual poles on a grassy hill in Graves park on Saturday 7th July. The course will be out all day for anyone to come and have a play. If you wish, you have one chance to lay down a qualification time. Should you be among the fastest of the day, you will get the chance to compete in the finals. A knock out competition pitting the best of the best against each other to decide the winner. This will be run in true TiS style with each entrant throwing down a prize as an entry fee and the winner getting first pick. Timing will be with stopwatches and fast fingers. As always, spiked tyres are banned to keep things even.

The race will start at 3:30 sharp so all practice and quali’s will be done by 3pm, then and it’ll be straight in to racing. We’ve raced on grass several times before and believe me it gets very interesting and very sideways especially with a bit of rain.

Theres a facebook event here which will be updated as the week goes on:

So come along and pit yourself again the best TiS has to offer.

Phat Wednesday 2012: the beginning

Phat Wednesday 2012: the beginning

So, after a 3 year hiatus Canada has opened its doors for me. I am back, back in BC, back in Whistler riding my bike all summer. I have missed this place but I have also missed riding my DH bike in the last few years. The last couple of weeks have been a steep learning curve trying to get back upto speed smashing laps out behind Craig(‘s list) Evans, but with the ever-present Coast Mountain’s early season dampness hanging in the air I haven’t felt too out of place.

So last week was  the first ‘Phat Wednesday’ beer league race; a rare type of race that has helped inspire This is Sheff and the local Sheffield Wednesday night races since our initial winter duel races. The Phat Wednesday series is the most competitive ‘mates race’ in the world, where else do you get Chris Kovarik turning up to each round? OK, OK, I am aware that we get Peaty at our mates races regularly, and even a showing last year from a certain Flyin’ Brian Lopezzzzz, but…..well actually, but nothing. Peaty>Kovarik so therefore Sheffield>Whistler.

With this minor riding mecca misconception sorted out I would like to draw attention back to just how cool this concept of racing is. Anyone can do it, grab your mates, grab some timing gear and get racing. Just make sure you are doing it out the way of elderly dog walkers.

The Phat Wednesday series races every week starting off, as per tradition, with a B-line race. Everyone that would like to appear cool puts 5bucks into a pot, takes their chain off and tucks and pumps down the 6ish min track. The chainless winner takes all the spoils and the boys are separated from the men: this week I tucked my balls back up into my body and was firmly sat in the little boy’s category. Without the backup of a chain there is no recovering from blowing out a turn on B-line’s mellow pastures. A fact I found out when a SMALL drift nearly stopped me dead up high on the trail. The rest of the run went well, and I even caught the chained rider that was infront up, but the damage was done. 50something in Chainless cat is pretty lame. Evans was on a stormer, beating me by a couple of seconds even with a crash. Saturday lad beat us both. The bastard.

The win was Kovarik’s for the taking with Billinghurst and Nick Geddes rounding out the podium, all chainless. The Womens podium was the same in regards to the lack of chains on the bikes, Clair Buchard, Sarah Leishman and Maria Darquier all took home some cash.

Results are here.

So, a week has passed since that first race on B-line. This week we raced a very tiring combo of Fantastic to Lower Crank it up. Fantastic is Fant…err awesome, but Crank it up was a bit of a bastard, pretty much a sprint littered with Gas to Flats and a sketchy slippy bridge thrown in for good measure.  Never the less the crowds turned up to sprint their asses off for  their chance at Local glory, even though for the vast majority of us there is no glory involved, just pain and a slightly vommy feeling welling up inside us as we cross the line. Craig was back on form cracking a 14th out but the winner still had 9seconds on him. I bettered my abysmal result of last week and came 55nd. Still pissed off with that.

Billinghurst, Geddes and Paulo were on the steps, Gunner is fast for a Master and was stood tallest on the podium as was Strand for the ladies. Sarah second again and Maria Darquier 3rd. Also props to Raff Dice who got 13th, her first top 20, even though she spent the hour before the race pissing me off moaning about not wanting to ride.

Results are here.

This Is Swinny: Hamsterly Enduro

This Is Swinny: Hamsterly Enduro

A fresh challenge and a new format, my first attempt at an Enduro event and I was pretty excited. Joe Bow had been bangin on about how fun these events are for the past year now so thought it was about time to see what all the fun was about!

We had a healthy group for the trip, Joe, Jolley and My bro traveled up in the @VitoSport and met up with Hanna Swede and her house mate Tom. Plenty of banter and laughing was on the cards for the day as we set off for a leasurly cruise around Hamsterly in the Hot Hot Heat, and it really was hot, with the sun beaming down all day and with minimum wind, we decided to do a full lap out of the gate.

So off we went, cruising up the fire-roads to the start of stage one, taking in the scenery as we passed, all was very pleasant and relaxed. Joe struggled from a few mechanical issues with his chain on the cruise up to the start (he had fixed it himself so there was no real surprise something went wrong, despite what he says about his mechanics skills!) so being the good mates we all are… we left him and set off for our first down of the day.

A tough, flat, rooty, uneven pedal made for an awkward start, once past this a bit of pace was picked up as you skipped over roots and holes and took a left onto the first sprint pedal of the day, a large flat, drifty right turn and back into the woods where there was options for a few different lines to be taken, but we just carried on and rode the main line. Then a slightly uncomfortable flat rolly section, if you got the flow right here it all ran smooth, but a slight error and your speed was sapped, stopping on the uneven spaced holes with not much room for pedal strokes, it was a really tricky section of the track. From there it dropped into a selection of tight switchbacks that spat you out over an off camber ledge and over the line.

I was a little surprised it wasn’t longer, but that was only stage 1.

Onto stage 2 and a bit of a bitch of a climb up a hot fire-road right to the top of the hill. It was a steep sharp climb that dragged on a bit but wasn’t too bad.

Stage 2 started with a flat out sprint on some loose gravely terrain, taking in some fast berms and short jumps. A much faster stage and the previous with more flow, i good chance to turn the pedals for all they were worth as it turned out to be a pretty constant pedally stage for much of it. After the fun of the fast turns and jumps the track spat you out onto a slightly up hill road where, come race runs, the pedals really need to be spinning here! From there on it dropped into and incredibly loamy wooded section, which was rad! Love loam. There were a number of sneaky cut lines in here but we stuck to the main line and road the loam to the end of stage 2.

A road ride climb took us to the top of Stage 3. With 5 of us currently in our group we thought it’d be cool to pretend to be the GB road team and draft on another, with the front man swinging off from time to time to join the back of the pack and keep legs fresh! We passed a couple of other riders who seemed to enjoy what we were doing, with one trying to tag onto us! But our momentum was already at a blistering pace and he had no chance!! That was until the hill suddenly kicked up sharp and we all seemed to just give up and cruise up instead.

Stage 3 was fast hardpack terrain with plenty of quick flat corners mixed with  some bermed turns, plenty of pace throughout until it spat you back out onto the road. We thought it had finished but noticed no FINISH sign.. so looked for some tape, a bit confused we looked down the hill as there was no way the Race would go up that horrible looking steep hill! Oh, it did. Bugger. So off we slugged up the hill before dropping back onto the fast hardpack, a few more rail-able bermed turns and back up to speed, again there was a good selection of cut lines in here but we didnt bother to stop and look, just stuck to main line. We got a little lost before finishing of a wooden drop and a left hander, Jolley got some drift on in here and ragged his rim, putting a man size dent in it and pinch flatting.Rate laugh.

The cruise over to Stage 4 was pleasent, traversing through the woodland before spitting you back out onto that bitch of a climb again, same as for Stage 2. Back to the top for another fun ride down! By this point i was really enjoying the format on Enduro racing, plenty of riding time, a good laugh with your mates and all in all Good fun.

Stage 4 began sat on top of the 4X track, over looking the moorland it was quite pleasant, however watching some people hit the first jump, included Joe, was unnerving! Some very uncomfortable positions. From there, up and into the woods where there were plenty of awkward roots that sapped your speed if you caught them wrong, no where really to pedal so flow was important. Things steepened up a little before dropping into the dense woods, over a little rock garden then a real uncomfortable left hander. I had a couple of goes at this corner, pinging a spoke on the rocks in the mean time before getting the corner half descent. Over a fire-road and back into the woods, instantly lost as I went straight on instead of a sharp right. Try again, and away!! Playing around on the rooty section i enjoyed this part of the day! Traversing the woodland, hitting stuff blind, popping around was a rate laugh! There was plenty of line choice again but i tended to stick to the middle lines, giggling away to myself as riders were scrambling out of the way as i made my way through the woods. A couple of corners later and over the line for the end of Stage 4.

A river crossing which I failed massively on before Back up the hill again! This time a bugger of a long fire-road climb. By this point it was hot, the sun had been beaming all day and the air felt thick as you rode through it. But we continued and soon reached our destination.

Stage 5 was loose and gravely but a pretty constant sprint form start to finish, similar to the start of Stage 2, hard pedal strokes were needed as you railed berms and held it down over the short jumps. A constant sprint indeed as there was pedaling everywhere! Sprinting for all it was worth before dropping into the finish area and complete!

Turns out we did the whole loop much quicker than planned and had time to stop and look at lines if we wanted, but oh well, it was more fun this way anyway!

Quali was on the Saturday afternoon and on Stage 5. I was pretty keen to get my sprint on! However i decked it hard in the first turn! cut my hand a bit but pedaled away and finished. I finished some way down the order and was 2nd slowest Elite, not surprising really given the crash. Fortunately for me there was a bit of a cock up with the timing and the organizers decided not to count the time towards the final standing. So a fresh start for race day.

We stopped over night in a cool Barn conversion that was very comfortable, Loads of Chicken Pasta went down then off to bed. Bunk Beds! Rad. Me, My bro, Jolley and Tom stayed in a room together and had man time..

Sunday morning and the sun was out and warm already. We trundled off, I was struggling all day Saturday and most of Sunday morning deciding weather i needed to take a bag with me.. I took one on the Saturday but all i needed was water, so made the decision to stow some water and food at certain points of the ride and went for the committed bagless run!

I had a laugh, stage 1 i got a bit lost, facing the tape at one point and had to dab to get back on line but trundled on regardless.

Stage 2 and a bit of a moment in the loam, again forgetting where I was but thats what you get for not looking at where you were meant to be going! I did enjoy that painful sprint on the road though.

Stage 3 i was instantly lost, braking for sections I thought I was on that turned out to be way down the road, but again really enjoyed that monster road sprint! The story pretty much repeated itself all day, forgetting where Iwas as we didn’t bother to pay attention to lines but it was all cool, I was having a good giggle!

Stage 4 and I buggered up the awkward root section a bit, but nothing too major, cleaned the rest of the track and had great fun on the lower part of the track, this was my most fun run of the day!

Stage 5 and on the long ride up I got a spot of cramp in my thigh, got off the bike for a bit of a stretch out. That was a bit of an error as I got instant cramp in my hamstring! So straighten the leg back out, and Cramp in my thigh again! Back up and cramp in the Hamstring!.. Down and Cramp in the thigh.. this went on for a while before settling down a bit and I set off crusing up the hill again.

I remembered that damn first corner this time and didnt go down, Wohoo!! Pedaled hard and cranked where I could. Trying to pump and flow before more hard cranking and into the finishing turns. Jolley, as usual, did me proud. After he had finished he ran up the hill a bit to give me encouragement. That lads amazing, I could hear him corners before I got to him as he shrieked at me to keep on pushing. I could hear him all the way to the line, Cheers mate!!

And that was that. My first Enduro event was done. I was a little surprised I wasn’t as tired as thought I’d be, but was happy with the way I rode.

Turns out I managed to finish 9th overall, something I was more than happy about! 9 seconds off a top 5 place, Damn it! If only we had stopped to look at a couple of lines I may have been able to make 2 seconds on each stage and got myself on the podium! But oh well. I was very pleased with myself.

All finished, podiums done and on our way home, and it was only 4:30, much quicker than being at a DH race. I did struggle to understand what the £60 was for though, an unreliable timing system, no uplifts and not even fully taped out tracks, which led to a fair amount of controversy. I’m in 2 minds over the tape situation. If the whole track wasn’t taped, why not cut, yet at the same time some of the apparent cut lines were a bit OTT.

A big thanks has to go out to the SHIMANO guys, who helped me out after I managed to contaminate my brake pads. They were busy helping people all day long and if they are at an event, get yourself over and say hello, have a chat about products, and if somethings not right with your ride, ask them very kindly to take a look at it!

Cheers All!

VOD2 2012 – The Rocket takes it

VOD2 2012 – The Rocket takes it

Steel City Media; Joe Bieber and Duncan PhilPOD, have just been awarded VOD over on PinkBike. Their advert for Cotic’s latest full bounce creation ‘The Rocket‘, sticks a tongue firmly in the cheek of slow-mo heavy, over produced, marketing mens creations. Instead it shows what  Sheffield Talent can accomplish. A great local bike (designed here anyway), ridden by a great local rider (the one and only Swinny) and shot and edited by the TiS dream team. The video also stars Hanna, Joes better half, as the Damsel in distress who, despite the portrayal in the video, is a great rider finishing 3rd in last weeks Hammers gravity enduro.

The video picks up where the last S.C.M.-Cotic Epic, for The X, left off with Swinny leaving his meeting and being summoned on the hot line to help Hanna. This brings out his secret side, his inner hero, Rocket Man. And what would rocket man ride? Hanna??? The Cotic Rocket of course. Swinny tears the shit out of some great local spots to get to the Damsel in time, showing the capability of the Rocket for fast, fun riding. Watch out for the Power Pout and sideways drifting action. Classic Swinden, I can’t believe he’s a Pro, I’m so much better than him #ShefGnar.

The Video has seemingly been universally well received, chalking up nearly 44,000 views to day across all platforms. A great success all round.

This is Bowman and Swindens Second VOD of the year so far, with their previous ‘quicky’ with Swinny picking up a VOD back in Feb.

If you’re products in trouble and no one else can help… you know who to call….

Strava Smashed – May

So May’s done and it’ll be remembered as a hot one, well the last couple of weeks anyway. Devils Elbow was a sloppy mud bog at the start of the month but the sun came out and it’d dried up beautifully by the end. Just like many of the Sheffield’s other trails. So the top ten finishes like this:

Rank Name Date Speed Time
1 james swinden Apr 07, 2012 35.0km/h 01:03
2 Steve Wager May 13, 2012 33.4km/h 01:06
3 Simon Chatten May 29, 2012 30.6km/h 01:12
3 Dave Woods May 13, 2012 30.6km/h 01:12
5 Nick Hamilton May 07, 2012 30.2km/h 01:13
6 joe bowman May 09, 2012 29.0km/h 01:16
7 Cy Turner May 29, 2012 28.6km/h 01:17
8 O C May 25, 2012 28.3km/h 01:18
9 Rob Ellison May 28, 2012 27.2km/h 01:21
9 jordan gould May 25, 2012 27.2km/h 01:21

With all but Swinnys original winning time being laid down in the month of May. Remember he did it on a borrowed Cotic Rocket and was done while filming the new Cotic Ad with Bowman. Future contests will only be judged on times of the month, er hmm, but this was the first time and was a bit special. So Swinny takes the Winny and he’ll be getting a TiS tee… well, he’s already got one.

In the Ladies race, Lucy Sibbald comes out on top.

Rank Name Date Speed Time
1 Lucy Sibbald May 30, 2012 11.4km/h 03:14
2 Rachel Young May 30, 2012 10.3km/h 03:34
3 Aimee Willow May 28, 2012 9.7km/h 03:47

The Top 20 tries over the period makes interesting reading. I grabbed the times on 3 occasions, A-25th April, B-16th May and C-1st June. The second column show hows the times were ranked on each of those occasions. Some of us have had a few goes.

Rank Name Date Speed Time
1 A1 james swinden Apr 07, 2012 35.0km/h 01:03
2 B2 Steve Wager May 13, 2012 33.4km/h 01:06
3 B3 Dave Woods May 13, 2012 30.6km/h 01:12
4 E3 Simon Chatten May 29, 2012 30.6km/h 01:12
5 B4 Nick Hamilton May 07, 2012 30.2km/h 01:13
6 B5 joe bowman May 09, 2012 29.0km/h 01:16
7 A2 Nick Hamilton Mar 26, 2012 28.6km/h 01:17
8 E7 Cy Turner May 29, 2012 28.6km/h 01:17
9 E8 O C May 25, 2012 28.3km/h 01:18
10 B6 Simon Chatten May 13, 2012 27.2km/h 01:21
11 E10 jordan gould May 25, 2012 27.2km/h 01:21
12 E9 Rob Ellison May 28, 2012 27.2km/h 01:21
13 E11 H Norms May 16, 2012 26.3km/h 01:24
14 A3 jordan gould Apr 02, 2012 25.6km/h 01:26
15 A4 Henry Norman Apr 24, 2012 25.4km/h 01:27
16 A4 Duncan Philpott Apr 02, 2012 25.4km/h 01:27
17 E12 James Stewart May 30, 2012 25.4km/h 01:27
18 E14 Phil R May 25, 2012 25.4km/h 01:27
19 B10 adam sharratt May 11, 2012 24.5km/h 01:30
20 E15 Dean McFarlane May 23, 2012 24.5km/h 01:30

Watch you June’s Segment challenge, out soon.

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