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Start em Young

Start em Young

Rich Palmer treated his lad Stan to an early Christmas present, the last remaining This is Sheffield kids sized Tee. They headed up to Sheffields Finest, Parkwood for a bit of a photo shoot.

Nick.  We forgot to take the camera with us yesterday so the action shot at Parkwood is a bit blurred. Just Like one of Philpott’s. Almost!  Anyway he loves his t-shirt. He must do because he never normally lets us take his photo. He’s a big boy now though at 5, so maybe he’s a new man.  Rich

Good work Rich, but especially Stan; Looking Rad Lad!

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Josh ‘Loosedog’ Lewis

Local Greno Pinner and self made hipster media star, Josh Lewis, is looking for support for the 2014 season. He’s knocked together this edit from videos he’s been featured in over the past year. He’s racing Elite DH and Enduro for the next year. If you can help, drop him a line

Photo: Gee Milner

Photo: Gee Milner


Steve Peat: Wont Back Down. Premiere in Sheffield!

Steve Peat: Wont Back Down. Premiere in Sheffield!

UPDATE: Tickets for the World Premiere are now Sold out!

If you are able to host your own regional Premiere, email

Sharing ‘a brew’ with Steve Peat over breakfast this morning he shared a few details about the exciting plans he has in store. This lad never slows down, on or off the bike.

2013-11-22 09.11.29-2

The film charting his long career as a professional mountain biker is about to be shown to the world for the first time. Clay Porter has taken on the job of documenting his hero’s rise to become the legend he is today, how he got there and what he’s been through. Peaty is arguably the most recognisable and certainly the most well liked downhill mountain biker of all time. His 20 year career has so many highlights that this promises to be an unmissable film.


Clay and John Lawlor are currently locked away in an Irish ‘editing suite’ putting the finishing touches to the edit ready for the World Premiere. Where else would this premiere take place but in Steve’s home town of Sheffield. He’s taking over the Pennine Lecture theatre of Sheffield Hallam University on Saturday 7th December to let 500 lucky viewers see the film for the first time. There will be Steve’s own ‘Wont back down’ beers for sale and a gallery of some of the amazing photos of his life.

Tickets go on sale on NOW! Monday 25th November through the boxoffice and the trailer for the film will go live the same day over on the website The US premiere of the film will be on Friday December 13th at the Rio theatre in Santacruz, California home of Santa Cruz bikes.

In January a worldwide movie tour kicks off and Steve reckons the film will be available to download on Itunes and buy on DVD sometime in February. So you’re going to have a wait just a while longer to see if if you can’t get to a premiere.

Just from our brief chat this morning it was clear to see just how excited Steve is about this project. He hasn’t seen the final edit himself yet and may well wait until the World premiere to do so just so that he gets goose bumps along with the other viewers.

This one’s not to be missed. Get booking as soon as you can and this is guaranteed to be a sell out.

Swinny Bar humping on’t telly

@jpswinny hits the big time, doing goon airs on the tellybox! Photo: JolleyisJolley

Swinny Bar humping on’t telly

Check out Swinny on TV! Spotted by Rob Jolley. Bar Humps FTW!

It was Combe Syndham, was part of a documentary on the extreme channel called “silent revolution” I believe… It was boring to watch because it was just interviews and people crossing the line rather than race footage, plenty of familiar faces though.

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