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Winter Dual Round 7 – Let it Snow

Winter Dual Round 7 – Let it Snow

We haven’t had a grassy dual for a long while. Swinny’s field is currently unavailable for use but Farmer Jack came to our rescue with the offer to use one of his grazing fields. Plans were all set and the crew were ready to get slideways when the chuffin white stuff decided to pay us a visit again. The roads were probably passable, just, but conditions up on the farm were miserable and we may never have got out of the parking yard again. Therefore, last minute, we changed back to old faithful and rendezvoused at Endcliffe park.

Axle Deep Corner. Photo: Nick Hamilton

Now, not that many folk turned out. It was probably the smallest attendance we’ve had in a couple of years which was a real shame; because it was one of the best duals we’ve had in a couple of years. I laid out a pretty simple course with a long start straight which go so chewed up you could barely make headway. This led in to a right hair pin which was the most fun corner we’ve had in a long while. It got axle deep in mud but was still rideable, just. The fast lads were almost making it through without a paddle but the rest of us were coming together with our feet off and our elbows entwined. After a fast traverse it was in to fast lefts and then tight tree lined corners to finish. The left lane was a little faster and made you feel like a hero as you caught your opponent.

JoBo about to kiss a tree. Photo: Duncan Philpott

With only 14 racing JoBo and I ended up with a bye to the 2nd round which meant we could take care of early timing duties. Once we were racing we handed the watches over to Jolley and Jack Read who took care of the rest. Thank you very much lads, your interpretation of the rocking out syncing technique was sublime. The first round saw Foxy beat Joe ‘Splatshop’ Spivey by 0.01 seconds, Joe had an amazing second leg but a stumble in the first let him down. Baybutt was on fire and comfortably dispatched Jack Read to make the second round for the first time in a long while. Baybutts form ended in the second round where he came off work with a coming together with Foxy who had his best performance to date (did anyone check him for spikes? ;). Bowman showed me a clean pair of pedals and smashed me in to submission as did Chay to James ‘Bike Garage’ Irwin. The really interesting battle was between series leader Timmy and FAF Craig Evans. Normally meeting in the finals these two sized each other up on the line. Timmy won the first leg on the quicker left lane by just over a second then Craig took the second leg. However, not by enough. In the quarters JoBo kissed the final tree a couple of times but amazingly stayed upright and took Chay by over a second. This setup a small final of old mates Foxy and Chay. It was a proper grudge match and anything but clean with Foxy pressing any advantage he could but he came off worse in one of the tangles and sat in the mud for 10 seconds giving the win to Chay. The Big final was more of a love match than a grudge match with Joe and Timmy hugging it out on the line. They both won in the fast lane with exactly equal times but Timothy managed to press the advantage in the right hand lane putting down the fastest time of the night and taking half a second out of Joe.

Late night eye surgery. Photo: Duncan Philpott

The other highlight of the night was a little impromptu eye surgery performed on Rich Baybutt. He’d got a huge chunk of loam trapped under his eye lid during practice and just couldn’t get it out. So he held a bike light pointed at his eye while pulling down his lid. JoBo then poured in water and I rammed a filthy finger in to get it out. It truly was a torture scene from some kind of Hollywood movie.

The overall point’s situation is looking a bit sewn up now. Timmy has showed up to every round and virtually dominated. He’s only dropped 7 points all season finishing either first or second every round but the last one. Chay is looking very comfortable in 2nd spot but Chris Pearson could take him in the final rounds. Ruari is coming up fast from 5th and will doubtlessly get the better of me if he keeps turning up. Its going to be a great fight to the finish.

Jacks offered his field again for the next round, so hopefully we’ll get some back to some grassy action without any of the white stuff.

Lady Gagas

Lady Gagas

Do you like riding at Parkwood??

Is having an all weather trail centre on your doorstep one of the best things to happen to the Sheffield riding scene in a long old while??

Would you like another one??

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes, its time to put your hand in your pocket. Our serious brethren and drinking partners, Ride Sheffield, have been working there arses off to put a ‘trail centre’ style  loop  in up at Lady Cannings plantation. This is the wood up by the Norfolk Arms on Ringinglow road. Its already a nicer way to access Houndkirk when its not sopping wet and cut up by foresting vehicles.


The idea behind the project is to promote and encourage mountain bike use and provide some fun, intermediate level trails in the Peak. This will hopefully make getting into the sport in our area a little less intimidating as new, inexperienced riders will have an option to develop their skills before stepping up to the pretty full on rocks and gullies of the Peak itself. It will also be a hell of a lot of fun to blast around for any rider as part of a bigger loop. As you can see from the map, it’s just outside Sheffield next to some main byway routes so it’s in a great spot and will be a fantastic asset to have.

As you all know, the cuts which local authorities are experiencing are biting pretty hard now. Green space and outdoor funding in particular has faced fierce reductions and this is something that our friends at Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside have run up against here. They have done some great work in moving forward the approvals process and getting us permission to build trails. What they don’t have these days is the funding for the trail itself and with a project of this magnitude, volunteer dig days just aren’t going to cut it for the whole job. We need diggers and trackbuilders in the woods cutting the trail.

So to cut to the chase. There is no council/European or magic money to pay for this to happen. WE… the riders of Sheffield… and that means you too… who might one day want to have a spin around some rad new trails… need to fund this ourselves. Bike Track, who built the brilliant trails are Parkwood, are lined up to do the machine work. Chegg’s really knows what he’s doing with his big bucket and Jordan loves to ‘flow like water’ to devine a line, but they have mouths to feed and can’t work for free. The idea is to raise £7,500 to pay for the initial machine work which will be followed up by volunteer dig days to finish the job.

So that’s 10 quid each from 750 riders… thats not a lot. Its a round of drinks (or two pints at the Lescar), a few inner tubes, 3 posh coffees or a couple of lunches… I’m sure you can spare 10 quid to invest in your future riding fun.

And if you don’t and you ride the trail when its done… you’re tyres will melt from the evil incantation chanted by the volunteer diggers.

How do you donate? 
Easy, you can use paypal (please select the gift option) to

Or a bank transfer direct in to the account:
Account is with HSBC.

Please donate what you can, obviously the more the better but if its only a couple of quid, so be it. Please also share this around as many people as possible, the richer the better.

There’s more info over on Ride Sheffield

For Sale: 2012 Limited Edition Santa Cruz V10

So, we are well under way in 2013 and i need to move on my race bike from last season.

Here we have a limited edition stickered SPS powered V10.
FOX suspension and Shimano Saint equipped, Renthal Cockpit, Hope Hubs lased to Sun ringle MTX 29 rims with High Roller 2 tyres.

The bike has been very well looked after, with mechanic treatment throughout the whole race season.
Heli taped to the 9’s to keep that beautiful carbon in top nick.

If your interested, drop me a line;

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