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Peatys Jumble Sale

Peatys Jumble Sale

Do you need some new shiny bits for your bike? Would you like to grab a bargain? Fancy trying before you buy?

Well Sir Peat has got the event for you. He’s put together a Bike Bonanza at Ponds Forge on the 2nd November. The idea is that Shops, Pros and the general public will all buy an exhibition space and set out their stall (this could be you) full of great bikes and components they want to sell. Joe public (this could be you) then comes along when the doors open and ferrets around for the biggest and best bargain to be had in the hall. Everyone goes home happy.

There’s more information and booking over on the website and Facebook page. Get involved.

Trade stands already confirmed include:

Plus the limping mancunian warrior…



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End of season write up – part 1

End of season write up – part 1

Steel City DH

The opening event of the year for me & a great way to start it. Steel city DH has always been so much fun since it’s first event 4 years ago. It’s great to see such an amazing local crowd swarm around Grenoside woods, seeing many faces I know cheering on gives such a buzz when on track. I was more determined than ever that this year I was going to deliver & be able to thoroughly push & challenge the unbeaten Steve Peat to a tense & exciting finale.

Race runs both had small errors in, with pushing so hard on such a short, fast, tight track, it was always going to be a battle to not push the boundaries too far & result in errors..

It’s important or stay smooth, fluid & relaxed on this course. There isn’t much room for pedal strokes so flow is incredibly important. A jammed chain early on in run 1 had me uncomfortably set up for the run & put me back in fourth. My 2nd was going much better, until I over cooked one of the ‘S’ bends, tucked the front tyre under & bobbled off track, spoiling the run.

It was incredibly tight & exciting racing throughout all the categories, but once again Steve came out triumphant & remains the King of Steel City. For me, 5th place.. There’s always next year.

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Nicks had his bike stolen. Please look out for it.

Nicks had his bike stolen. Please look out for it.

Just had my bike robbed from work. Please keep em peeled and let me know if you see owt…

Sheffielders. I’ve just had my bike nicked from Work. Its a 2013 Giant XTC composite 29er 2 as in the picture. Its stock but has formula ‘the one’ brakes, carbon bars and seatpost. It also has a SteelCitySeries sticker on the rear chain stay. Its got headset spacers above the stem too as I never got around to cutting down the steerer.

Just in case you see anyone riding it around… please shoot first and ask questions later. Eternal gratitude and mega hugs for information leading to its return.

Please share this around the riders of Sheffield in the unlikely event its not already in another county/country.



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