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‘This is Sheff’ began in 2010 to battle the oppressive doom, gloom and suicidal feelings that were brought on by a Northern winter; From the golden autumnal glow of British Columbia to the dreary grey industrial sprawl of Northern England.

Sheffield is boarded onto the fantastic Peak District national park which is home to some of the best XC, and DH if you know where to look, in the country. With Wharncliffe woods just 20mins north of the city centre, and plenty of good riding actually situated within the city limits there is definitely worse places to live and ride, and with this fresh positive outlook they started filming their first crude edits.

What started out as a few mates having a laugh in the woods soon grew. It was a surprise that people actually like the edits, but rolling with it our original members went on to film a few more, and This is Sheffield was born.

Now the site, and the people that make up This is Sheff, is a lot more diverse. They are a collective of Sheffield based riders, racers, photogs, film-makers, writers, race organisers, trail-builders, media whores and general bike lovers…. They have gone on to write articles and had pictures published in international magazines, produced media for world champions, photographed the biggest names in the sport, organised races, raised money and helped design and build local trails, made adverts for bike company’s and raced many nationals in the mean time.

The only thing that has stayed the same from the first days is that everything is revolving around riding bikes off road. Have  look at the ‘team‘ page to see who makes This is Sheff what it is, and check out our other projects through the links below;

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