BUCS DH 2012

BUCS DH 2012

We’ve noticed there’s been a lack in content recently, with most of us having been very busy its now time to get back into the habit of regularly posting original content.

BUCS Downhill, one of the best downhill races in the country in terms of atmosphere and the amount of laughs!

Here’s a fairly informal series of photos showing what the University of Sheffield and myself got up to…

As with all trips from Uni we started from the arts tower at dark.

Precision packing from Sheff Uni.

Hallam with a slightly different approach..

After arriving at night we set up camp by the car headlights and woke up to find ourselves in a typical Welsh valley, Rheola.

Time to get some bikes involved!

Team Sheffield rocking some serious style.

Mid track walk, first time we realise the event is being sponsored by wine company, alcohol is probably one of the more appropriate prizes to give students at an event depending on your view of things…

Doesn’t take long before minds wander on the track walk.

Afternoon practice, Oliver Lynch from Hallam wiping out at high speed!

After practice its time to recover for racing… eating plain pasta, the food of champions, by torchlight…

… Under the clear night sky.

Race qualifying and Dave’s crowd pleasing!

Andrew Fowles charging down one of the super ruts.

Race runs and a shot of the true BUCS spirit!

Jack Reading’s 4th attempt at taking the win, bad luck had thwarted him previously yet today he lost out to Emyr Davies by a fraction of a second.

Braking steps anyone?

Time for the prize giving and Bangor Uni have turned up in their masses!

Post racing people got mischievous in the extra ordinarily warm Welsh weather.


On the return journey to sheffield we stopped at the Forest of Dean.


For the results check out roots and rain.



Following on from: http://thisisheffield.co.uk/2012/exams/

If you keep an eye on the web you’ve probably seen this corner before with James Swinden coating his hand in loam as he sinks in pedal deep. Here Joe tries some alternate cornering techniques while we tried to decide what to do with the rest of the day.

Or you could always go "fully moto"

Anyhow so as it happens we decided to go to Mam Tor having spotted a bit of snow on the way from mine to Joe’s. Once we got there we were surprised at just how much snow there was… At least 6 inches in some places!

Pushing a downhill bike about in the snow deserves the odd timeout every now and then and it provided time to take in how different everything looked with a dusting of snow.

But its all worth it when you get to carve you way down shale covered in snow for a quite unusual riding experience!

And now for my favourite shot of 2012 so far, Joe drifting in some powder on the ridgeline from Mam Tor as the cloud base falls beginning to reduce visibility.

The final descent, Joe gets his gomper leg out for an icy corner as the light fades, bringing the day's play to an end!



Exams… horrible things, I’m not a fan. Studying mathematics means your exams are usually heavily condensed and you have the joy sitting 6 exams in 9 days or so. All track of time is lost as Saturdays are spent in an examinations hall trying to explain why 1 = 1 and the weekend disappears into the daily routine of revision in the library.

With fear of sounding like the miserable student people expect me to be I will now show you what fun I had once I finished my exams; starting with some cheeky xc photography with Ruari. Tomorrow will see loam and snow with Joe.

Venturing off the beaten track Ruari spied this steep chute with no room to roll in, ideal. After a sighting it up the first attempt proved fruitless!

Second attempt: success!

Maxle took a beating :

Moving on we followed the rock face looking for a photogenic part of the trail, this small “bus stop” like feature fitted the bill. Despite the slow sketchy run in Ruari managed to make it work:

Now it was time for me to get a little close to the edge, looking down from the top of the rock face!

With a few shots on the card we met up with a couple of other riders from the University of Sheffield. It was one of those rides where an appetite for finding new trails led to returning home in the dark, hungry and out of water… Great fun by all accounts!

You can view the photos larger over at Duncan’s website: http://www.duncanphilpott.com/blog/

2011 MTB Slideshow

2011 MTB Slideshow

What’s that..? Its photos, in a video, on the internet.

Here’s a short summary of what i’ve taken photos of in the mountain bike world over the past year:

A few statistics for you too..

Over 450,000 views on a few pages of photos at pinkbike.com
8 “Photo of the Day”s
3 Magazine double page spread photos and 1 double page article about me in the past 4 months!

Thanks to all those that have supported me.. here’s to a successful 2011!

If you went in to the woods today…

If you went in to the woods today…

And if those woods were wharncliffe… then you may have seen the SPS and myself larking about on bikes with Gee Milner manning the video camera. Well as time went on i decided to take a break and shot some nugs!

Here’s Josh Lewis and Tom Kelly shredding over some Wharncliffe rock.

And then…. the roost.

Oh and then Ruari turned up just to prove a thing or two…..

Time for some dinner i reckon.

Bike Check…

Bike Check…

There’ll be a few of these bike checks appearing over the next few days from some of the other guys… So, if you’ve ever wondered what a lanky photographer rides then take a look..

So here it is, HMS Five. With a wheelbase longer than an Ironhorse Sunday and looking slightly like a gate in its 20″ guise I’m yet to ride anything better for monstertrucking loose peaks descents on an XC ride. Most people comment on the black chrome Chromag bars and they are about the only piece of kit to take note of. The rest of the bike is a result of a few years of part gathering on a student (and photographer) budget.

Click the photo or here for a bigger view.

Leogang World Cup – Saturday

Leogang World Cup – Saturday

Today has been interesting, haven’t been allowed to take where i was photographing yesterday since i don’t have a valid uci vest which is €50 to rent, world cup newbie error however i was fine with just a press pass at fort william and 2 days of photography here. Oh and my card has been blocked.. fantastic.

Anyhow, some of the riders seemed to be having a bad day too..

Here’s one taking a “rest” against a tree

Nice view of Leogang in the backdrop of this one.

Very few riders were getting this section right and rumor is it is going to be simplified for racing tomorrow. Gee Atherton seemed to have no issues consistently ploughing through.

Some of the women were on it in qualifying..

Something a little different.

So lets hope tomorrow goes a little better!

Leogang Friday 5 a Day

Leogang Friday 5 a Day

So, the 5 a day returns for Leogang. The weather was kind to us for the most part of the day fair skies for downhill practice however once it came to 4x qualifying the heavens opened and on this instance i retreated to the press centre to finish off work.

So anyhow, on with the photos..

These first two really count as one and if there was one guy today who really stood out it was Cedric Gracia.

Here CG pulls a huge one foot table in front of some epic scenery

And here are a few other things i caught him doing

Moving on from Cedric now to someone who didn’t quite get on with the track today.. washing out in style

The women weren’t looking to comfortable on the natural rooty sections however they really opened it up in the bikepark-style stuff

Matt Simmonds riding through one of those more natural sections with many riders keenly watching his line

Simmonds’ teammate Lewis Buchanan also tackles a technical section with ease.

How the riders cope tomorrow with all the rain will be interesting.. maybe a couple of crash shots to be expected tomorrow

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