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The ongoing results from the winters dual racing series. Not the most elegant presentation but hopefully informative

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Winter Dual 22 Round 10 at Bingham

Winter Dual 22 Round 10 at Bingham

Round 10 of Winter Dual was a hot, slick, mess. Perfect! The off camber greasy corners caused all kinds of trouble and upsets, basically the ideal course. Mixing up unsupportive, off camber grass turns with splashes of tarmac to spice things up (and seek out Hannah’s knees… again).
Reining champ and dual legend Will Swinden was displaced for the first time this season by a determined @creep_pea, who’s physicality left Will surprised (moaning) and out in the quarters. Baybutt on his Coti-Pinkbike channeled rage to come out on just short of the podium, putting him closer in the quesadilla champs but Chris slipped in to 3rd by 0.08seconds.
It was Tim Pearson who’s form peaked at just the right moment to take the win in a no love lost battle of brothers, making him not the shit Pearson for a lovely change.
Big up Jack for snapping the moments 🤘🙏. Massive thank you to Steph for timing us to perfection as always! 🙏👑😘 And a special mention to Anya for rocking the pink panther skin suit she ‘won’ last round. Defo and aero advantage.


1 Tim Pearson
2 Chris Pearson
3 Chris Lansley
4 Richard Baybutt
5 Will Swinden
6 Anya Tolwinka
7 Nick Woffenden
8 Hannah Saville
9 Nick Hamilton
10 Joe Spivey

Dad Cam Diaries at Round 3 of the Winter Dual Series

Dad Cam Diaries at Round 3 of the Winter Dual Series

The Dad Cam Diaries broke their dual cherry back at round 3 of the the winter series. We raced at Bolehills to celebrate Hannah’s birthday with a full crew and the chaos ensued. Steep, greasy and off camber, the track challenged the riders to stay upright.. particularly Hannah (as usual). Properly good racing

With Dad Cam in hand, Mat captured the action and has produced this brilliant edit to document the actions. Cheers Lad!! Dual action starts at 3:31.



Gnar Points
round2-22 fastest

Fastest Times
Round 3 Times

Bike Talks

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival have put on a series of talks on a wide range of mountain bike topics alongside Ride Sheffield with a pretty stellar cast… and Cy Turner (Mwahahahaaaaa). They’re worth a watch as the nights draw in.

Martyn Ashton

Tommy Wilkinson

Aneela McKenna

Cy Turner

Pay It Back

If you enjoyed the talk please consider paying what you can afford / think it worth using this PayPal link:

Winter Dual 2020 Round 3: Bingham

If I were a park, I’d like to be a park like bingham. I’d be Steep sided giving me beautiful views of the treasures of sheffield beyond my borders. I’d be divided up in to different pockets to secrete away activity. And on wet days my grass would turn in to the perfect racing surface to test riders drifting and paddling abilities to the limit… and beyond. 

Once darkness descended I’d be so tempting that I’d entice racers out of their warm and comfortable homes to face the cold with only the promise of potential fleeting glory. They’d enjoy my delights in same way as the footballers putting down jumpers for goal posts. Their shouts and giggles would pierce my dank air bringing life to a normally silent and unused time. And when all was done, celebrations and commiserations complete, pints being sunk, all they would leave is a temporary brown streak through my lush green flora. 

In two weeks, I’d barely remember they were here, but they’ll remember… and chat… and brag… and relive… for years to come. My name will be spoken fondly and repeatedly… I will live. 


  1. Ben Tyas
  2. Will Swinden
  3. Dan Thorpe
  4. Nick Hamilton
  5. Timmy
  6. Rich Baybutt
  7. Chris Lansley
  8. Sam turtle
  9. Chris Pearson
  10. Joe Spivey
  11. Dave Griffiths
  12. Hannah Saville
  13. Sam Capper
  14. Rob Shaw
  15. Jaime Grey
  16. Giles Grover
  17. Jack rimmington
Winter Dual 2020: Round 2 – Bolehills

Winter Dual 2020: Round 2 – Bolehills

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Winter Dual 2020 – Round 1

Bex leading it out in her frist TiS dual🤘

Round 1 of the inter dual series went down this week and did not disappoint. Possibly the slickest conditions in living memory proved to be a challenge to all and a differentiator to the winners.

2019-11-06 22.47.39-3


The opening long left crept its way though off camber in to up hill before slinging in around a couple of tress and back on the pedals. The transfer to the lower section proved crucial and set up for three back to back turns that left no back ends in a straight line. Those with poise and balance kept it together but no one kept it clean.

The mud was deep with this one

The big final was Will Swinden’s to win but an uncharacteristic mistake left him in the mud and Tim Pearson cackling in victory.

A massive turn out has set the season up beautifully and knuckles remain sore from so many fist bumps. All because… #dualrules. Massive thanks to Steph and Laura for keeping the timing running sweeeeet 👌. All Photos from the mighty Baybutt


1 Timmy
2 Will Swinden
3 Joe Spivey
4 Dave Griffiths
5 Chris Pearson
6 Dave Camus
7 Sam Capper
8 Bex Baraona
9 Chris Lansley
10 Turtle
11 Chloe Taylor
12 Hannah Saville
13 Darren Ellis
14 Rich Baybutt
15 Dex
16 Nick Woffenden
17 Dan Thorpe
18 Rob Shaw
19 Nick Hamilton
20 Tom Davies
21 Alex Gunn
22 Sam turtle
23 John Horscroft
24 Kel Parkin
25 Giles Grover


Cocking about in the woods

Howard St Dual – This Saturday

This Saturday sees Sheffield City Centre set alight by torch light and two wheels, the Howard Street Dual returns for its 3rd Year. Bringing the excitement of head to head bike racing right in to the heart of the Outdoor City, taking mountain bikes out of the woods and down our streets to be cheered on by the assembled masses.

Launch - Howard st dual 2019 - Distress 05

The invited riders represent the cream of the local crop including Sheffield’s own Legend Steve Peat, the current Howard Street Champion, as well as many riders from further afield. Brett Penfold, 2017 winner, is back and ready to challenge for the top spot, will he meet Peaty in the final again? German downhill champion, Nina Hoffmann, has flown in especially to race and challenge our lasses, who will fair better on the slick grass corners and steep wooden berms? The talented lads and lasses will put on an amazing show which will be as much fun to watch as it will to take part.

Racing starts at 5pm and will be streamed live on Youtube, presented by Anna Glowinski and Richard Cunynghame. Finals will be around 7pm with the fastest lads and lasses having two chances to make their mark, the fastest combined time taking the win.


On site commentary will be provided by the master, Toby Parodi, a top his tower backed up with beats from Redbulls sound system. With cow bells and noise makers lining the track, the racers will be cheered from top to bottom making it great fun for the whole family and the best hecklers in town. The course makes the most of what Sheffield Hallam University has to offer, starting on its doorstep and sending riders at high speed down Howard St to the train station.

15:00 Course opens for practice
16:15 Seeding/Quali Runs Begin
17:00 Racing Begins
19:00 Finals begin
19:30 Race finishes – Prize giving

In true This is Sheffield style every one of the 60 racers will receive a prize. All our amazingly generous sponsors’ gifts will be piled up and the winners will get the honour of picking first. This year our prizes come from:

  • Hope Technology
  • Leighton Vans
  • Peaty’s Products
  • Cotic Bikes
  • Airdrop Bikes
  • 5:10
  • HKT Products
  • Bike Track
  • Bike Rehab
  • Expert Bike repair
  • Go Outdoors

Like slalom ski racing, riders negotiate a series of gates pitting themselves against each other and the clock in a head to head knock out format. The course has a stack of great features sendable by the best and rollable by all. It starts down a long set of stairs before kicking left in to a set of four custom built rollers across hallam square. The best will double these up or manual through the whole set. This sets up the riders for a big wooden kicker up on to a unique set of downhill grass rollers with two tight flagged corners. The riders are then spat out on a set of stairs or a custom ramp straight in to Chaos corner, a hard 180 degree bermed corner through street furniture. The riders then face a series of flat grass corners which will test their cornering skills and speed. They are split by a wooden booter where the fast ones will be trying to keep it low and fast. After an awkward right hander the racers drop in to the FML fade, the final feature, a steep grassy bank which will accelerate them across the finishing line. For the best, this will be about 30 seconds.

It will be a great time to be in Sheffield with so much going on for the Outdoor City Festival; the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, the Big Running Weekend and The Magnificent Seven anti-enduro road race on the Sunday, another great spectator sport if you like you riders in lycra. However, don’t forget to come and show us your love of two wheels and displays of amazing skill down on Howard street this Saturday.


The Rules of Dual

The format of the day is a round of qualification followed by head to head racing.

Dual Slalom is an elbow to elbow, knockout race format.

Each pair of riders will race twice, once in each lane negotiating the obstacles.

The rider with the fastest combined time will move through to the next round.

Riders are seeded so that the slowest faces the fastest in the first round.

They are ordered so the fastest two seeded riders won’t meet until the finals.

Qualification is decided by the fastest times set during a solo run in one lane.

Riders will have to qualify, there are 32 places for the lads, 16 for the lasses.

If a rider falls, their time becomes that of their opponents plus 1.5 seconds. This gives them a chance for a comeback.

There is a round of 32, then 16, the quarter finals with 8 riders, and semi finals with 4.

Dual Layout - Black-min

The winners of the semis meet in the big final, the losers race for 3rd place in the small final.

If a rider misses a gate they are penalised by 25 seconds.

The top 3 riders will receive a medal

All riders will receive a prize from our kinds sponsors. They are all put in to a pile and the winners get to pick first.

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