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Peatys Steel City DH – Final Information

Peatys Steel City DH – Final Information

Final details for the race on Saturday,  we’ve been working hard to make it a great event for you all. Please invite all your friends along to come and watch and cheer everyone along. Practice starts at 9, racing will start about 12 and prizes will be dished at about 3:30.

On the day we’ll have catering from PJ Taste and a Bradfield Brewery beer tent open to keep you all moving. There will also be free bike checks from J E James cycles who will also have some basic spares for sale in case you break bits. The Bike Tree and Cotic are bringing along demo bikes for you to try out. Singletrack will be there giving away spot prizes as will Sustrans. We’ll also have a mini north shore area for everyone to try out.


We’ve  had a bunch of raffle tickets printed to raise further funds for the appeal. Tickets are only £1 and all money goes direct to the Charity and it will be drawn following the podium presentations. Tickets are on sale now, please contact or on race day get them direct off the Wildlife Trust. Prizes on offer include:

  • Cotic BFe Frame worth £400
  • Exclusive Steve Peat signed race jersey
  • 5:10 Goodies
  • SRAM Handlebars and Code Brakes
  • Smart Wool Socks
  • Single Track World Subscriptions
  • Polaris Garments
  • Bradfield Brewery Beer
  • Monster Prizes

And many many more.


Santa Cruz main man Rob Roskopp has also been incredibly generous and has given us a Santa Cruz Nickel frame to Auction off. The frame will be signed by Steve Peat himself and is worth at least £1300. Bids are now being accepted via our bidding hotline at . Please email us your

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • and Bid

and we’ll add you our list. Bidding will continue on race day where your details will be taken by the Wildlife Trust. The highest bid currently stands at £500 and all money is going direct to the Charity so please be generous.


Steel City T shirts will also be for sale at £10 each at the registration desk and around the site on the day.

Video and Photo Contest are sponsoring the video contest to demonstrate your camera and editing skills. The challenge is to put together an 1½ minute edit of the day’s race to be shown in the Showroom bar at 9pm the same day for all to see. Its up to you to make your work stand out and give the best impression of the day. All submissions must be submitted by 8:30pm to Will Ockelton, from Freecaster, in the showroom Bar and must be in a format to play on a Mac Laptop. The winner of the Video Contest will get an all expenses paid trip to the Fort William World Cup to join the Freecaster Crew and experience life as a professional cameraman for the weekend. All the best submissions will be featured on the website.

The photo contest is being sponsored by Arc’teryx and is your chance to showcase your mountain bike shooting skills. You need to submit your 3 best shots of the day in JPG format also by 8:30pm to Will Ockelton in the Showroom Bar. They will all be shown alongside the video submissions in the bar on the big screen. The prize is an Arcteryx jacket worth hundreds of pounds to keep you warm and dry up on the hill next time you’re shooting. All the best submissions will be featured on Freecaster and future promotion of the Steel City Downhill.

The judges for the contests read like a who’s who of mountain biking. The video contest will be judged by Steve Peat, Alex Rankin, Rob Warner, and Will Ockelton.The Photo contest will be judged by Dirt Magazine Photographer Grant Robinson and Art Director Jon Gregory, two men who know a good photo. If your work is good enough, there is a good chance it will end up in the magazine.

Before entering either contest you must sign a disclaimer and release form at the race registration desk on the day. If you have not signed a disclaimer, you will not be eligible to enter.

Race details

The car park for the day is located in a field just past the main Wharncliffe/Greno car park on the Woodhead road (postcode for satnav S35 7DS and then follow the signs). This is a little walk/ride to the race site itself so it would be worth bringing bits and bobs for the day with you when you leave. Please use the suggested route on the map below rather than walking on the road as its very busy!!

There is a map here with the location

Registration will take place in the car park from 8.15-10.00. Please bring a £5 note (we won’t have change for everyone so please fivers only) with you as a deposit for your number board (refundable at the end of the day when you return it as long as your number isn’t destroyed). You will need to sign on at this time and all under 18’s will need a parent or guardian to sign for them. You won’t be able to sign on at the course finish so please do this before you leave the car park! You’ll get a pair of smartwool socks and a cliff bar free.

Practice will run from 9 until 12, the push up is less than 15 minutes walk so there will be lots of time to get plenty of runs in. At 12 we will finish practice, give all the marshalls a 10 minute break and then first race runs will start at 12.15. Each rider will get 2 race runs with the fastest counting toward final results. There will be no gap between first and second runs and please make sure you are at the top in time for your run. Run times will be posted in the finish area no later than 11am to allow you to check them.

There will be prizes for the top 3 in each category presented at the end of racing provided by our very generous sponsors. Each category is sponsored by an individual company:

  • Rippers – Polaris
  • Juveniles – O’Neal
  • Youth – Chromag
  • Junior – Royal
  • Senior – 5 10
  • Masters – 18Bikes
  • Veterans – Bike Tree
  • Ladies – Smartwool
  • Pro Am – SRAM.

Many of our sponsors have provided spot prizes too.

One final note which will help us out greatly, please take any rubbish with home with you at the end of the day. There will be a few bin bags around the place and at the start to take bits and bobs but please do take with you what we can. We need to keep the place tidy to keep the woods on our side for future races!


Along side the race we’re teaming up with SHAFF, Sheffield’s adventure film festival at The Showroom Cinema. At 6pm on the evening of the race we urge you to follow us into town for an exclusive Alex Rankin film “Progression”.

The film montage will take us from the early days of Sprung, all the way up to the latest Earthed release, showing how things in the sport of Downhill have taken a radical step in the last decade. The film will be followed by a Q&A interview session with Steve Peat who will be interviewed by Rob Warner. Tickets are now sold out, but there is a big party in the Showroom bar following the showing and we’ve got a very late licence and lots of musical entertainment.

If you have any queries before the event please check the website and if you can’t find the answer there then email them to

We look forward to seeing you all enjoying yourselves on the day.
The Steel City Series Team

Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 7 – The Obstacle Course

25th January 2011

Cycling home from work in the drizzle my hood was up and my head was down to hide from the drizzle. Bugger. We haven’t had a wet dual since the first round of the winter series in Swinny’s field. Having spent half an hour securing new Slap Wraps (many thanks Henry) to the poles  with a mile of tape I headed over to the park to get setup. Having a bit of time on my hands (not having to wait for Bowman to turn up with the poles “I maybe late, but I’ve never actually missed anything that important”) a slightly more imaginative line was carved out of the hillside. Round 6 had highlighted the value of a few more natural features in the course to stop creative cornering, with fallen branches and plenty of trees around this wasn’t a problem.

James Irwin, big left hander Swinny on the far side (Photo: Duncan Philpott)

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The GoPro’s and all their weird mountings were out in force up at Blacka Moor. With John’s Cable cam, Martin’s Boom cam and Joe’s Boddingtons Unicorn Cam we had a lot to play with.

We rode exclusively below the wall as per the new accord with the rangers and we didnt miss the upper section at all. The trails were wet, sloppy and tons of fun.

Make sure you click the HD button to get it in all its glory

Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 6 – New Year, New Track

Tuesday 11th January 2011

Happy new year… and a happy new dual. With big plans for mates races throughout the year, the 2011 dual season kicked off with a corker. New Year, New track. Still on our favoured hill in Endcliffe Park but on a slightly different aspect with a few more obstacles to avoid. With winter proper arriving at last, the warm and wet conditions returned the track to its usual drifty goodness. However, once we’d broken through the top crust of loam and revealed the slick mud beneath, chaos reigned. Using more natural features, the tracks were split by a small coppice of trees half way down the track limiting some peoples cornering dog leg cornering ‘technique’. This is a ‘style’ being seen more and more frequently at duals of late where racers are pushing the limit of the rules and cocking there leg and whole body over the posts. Good for your time, not so good in the conduct stakes.

Den and John battle it out (Photo: Dom Worrall)

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Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 5 – Christmas Special

Tuesday 21st December 2010

With the festive season looming and everyone prepped for massive infusions of grub, grog and grannies, another Tuesday night rolled around…. Winter Dual… The Christmas special. The big dump of snow Sheffield received had long since melted but with temperatures rarely getting above -5 in the woods the Endcliffe Track was a different animal. Ruts and berms formed in previous races had frozen hard, which might have been great had it not been for the layer of leaves over the top. Once they got swept away the racers got down to polishing up the iced loam.

The Frozen Loam (Photo: Dom Worrall)

Having started collecting £2 donations to race, we’d bought a new set of poles to replace the original white overflow pipe. Rob Jolley supplied us with 30 of the finest electric fence posts money can buy. Not stretching quite yet to the white version we bought them in stealth green. Thankfully Henry’s Sustrans reflectors gave us colour coded lanes and a visible course to ride. With 24 riders turning out to brave the -8°C conditions practise got underway once we managed to get the posts in the frozen ground. As it was the Christmas special tinsel and baubles were in abundance and in some cases, detrimental to performance.

Swinney takes the winney (Photo: Dom Worral)

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Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 4 – Its Snow fun

7th December 2010

With Sheffield under a foot and a half of snow and the next round of the winter dual series just a week away I was a bit doubtful we’d be having a race this week. However, on Tuesday night 24 folk turned out to a pristine snow-covered track in our local park. Under the trees the snow was only about 6 inches deep and the zero degrees temperature was keeping it a lovely consistency. The park’s in a more of a built up area than Swinny’s field so no generators were allowed this time, we were back to duct taping our bike lights to trees. It’s amazing how few lights you need to illuminate a whole track, the first time we used only three but with most people bringing one or two now we had plenty. The posts we use are white (cut up overflow pipe, thanks B&Q) so we were a bit concerned about being able to see the course. Thankfully Henry Norman, of Ride Sheffield, supplied a load of reflective slapwraps meaning we could easily see the posts and each lane was even colour coded.

The Track (Photo: Duncan Philpott)

The area of the park we use is normally covered in brilliant loamy leaf mulch and previous races have been sideways affairs. However, with the few inches of snow banking up and being reinforced with loam the track was exceptionally grippy. Once it was cut in and a rut formed some of the lads were getting over to incredible angles, stomping the foot, catching the berm and powering out. However, Joe Bowman’s arse down foot paddling technique seemed to serve him well in the seeding runs.

The Start (Photo: Duncan Philpott)

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Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 3

Winter Ghetto Dual Races – Round 3

23rd November 2010

Continuing the progression of Sheffield’s ghetto dual scene, round three proved to be another classic. Back up in Swinny’s field word had spread further and this season’s largest attendance braved the cold but dry and clear night. Moving up in the world, the usual bike lights on posts/trees were supplemented with a generator and halogens to light up the course. The normal format applied though, practise from 7 and racing at 8. Spikes are banned to keep everything loose and fair and the course is marked out with short lengths of plastic overflow pipe cut for purpose. Every racer has to supply a random prize as an entry fee with the winner taking first dibs on the best. Ranging from tasty 5:10 jerseys through to cable ties and tea bags, it pays to be fast.

The racing is usual dual style, a head to head knockout with two runs, one on each lane, and the fastest combined time moving through to the next round. With 27 racers turning up seeding runs were in order with the top 16 moving on to the finals. The finals start order was chosen at random and paper plate number boards handed out.

The track (Photo: Duncan Philpott)

The course was a long one with a high stakes gorse corner to start us off, too tight and your gloves wouldn’t be saving you. In a grass field with an hour’s practise for 27 riders the surface soon cut up to reveal the mud below. It became so slippy that even the first corner was proving too difficult for some who went down hard. Foot out, committed turns were the winning formula with some unbelievable drifts being laid down. Once through the long peddley start traverse and around the gorse the course tightened up and the turns were difficult and tight. The surface was unpredictable giving rise to many a spectacular off accompanied by big grins all round. However serious the racing may get, it’s all about fun after all, we are dealing with bikes here.


Rob Jolley (Photo: Dom Worrall)

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