Race Report: Steve Peat Steel City DH

What a Weekend!

Sorry for the delayed post.. to be honest i still haven’t come back to reality on what actually happened…

A moggy March morning is what it all came down to.. After weeks of preparation from our very own Joe Bow and Nick Hamilton, with help from Steve Peat and plenty of others (sorry, i don’t actually know who was involved but thank you all) the race was finally upon us and ready to go..

An incredible atmosphere was buzzing around the Greno woods, as soon as sign in was completed my heart started jumping, i hadn’t been this excited by a race event in a long time.. maybe it was because i had entered my self in Pro-am for, ‘the laugh’ to see how id fair against some top riders.

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Winter: Digging

Summer is long gone and the race season has been over for a while now..

Its been a bit quiet here at HQ lately as we have been watching the days draw in, trying to squeeze out every last epic ride we can, whilst battling the conditions. Filming has had to take a bit of a back seat as dark gloomy days have prevented any descent light for us to work with.

But all is not lost! as winter is very nearly upon us it brings with it that excitement, enthusiasm and creativeness to pick up the spade and begin ‘Winter Digging’.

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