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Dad Cam Diaries at Round 3 of the Winter Dual Series

Dad Cam Diaries at Round 3 of the Winter Dual Series

The Dad Cam Diaries broke their dual cherry back at round 3 of the the winter series. We raced at Bolehills to celebrate Hannah’s birthday with a full crew and the chaos ensued. Steep, greasy and off camber, the track challenged the riders to stay upright.. particularly Hannah (as usual). Properly good racing

With Dad Cam in hand, Mat captured the action and has produced this brilliant edit to document the actions. Cheers Lad!! Dual action starts at 3:31.



Gnar Points
round2-22 fastest

Fastest Times
Round 3 Times

Ladlife year ender – Josh Lewis and #allthelads

Josh Lewis is back on the bike. After a season plagued by a bad knee, Josh got everything sewn up and finally got back on two wheels a couple of weeks ago. He’s not been slacking though… He’s Blue Steel through and through, picking up the CT Fletcher award for services to bench pressings at recent awards dinner. In his spare time he’s been learning how to use a washing machine and what the zoom button does on his shiny new camcorder. Reet good!


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