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SHAFF Bike Night

SHAFF Bike Night

Now in its 7th year, SHAFF Film Festival has finally added it’s first Bike specific night.

John Horscroft and Steve Peat, will be heading up the evening, focusing on the up and coming cycling talent in and around Sheffield.

A chilled out evening, with plenty of beers on tap, to keep things fun.

Tickets are available HERE so don’t miss out!


Sheffield’s Mountain Bike scene is arguably the most vibrant in the country with a wealth of superb cross-country trails in the Peak District, a thriving downhill community and a number of promising young riders hellbent on following in the tracks of local legend, Steve Peat.  So, what better way for the Bike Expert Night to celebrate that scene than to take a close look at some of the young guns making a name for themselves in a diverse range of bike disciplines?  James ‘Swinny’ Swinden, Josh ‘Loosedog’ Lewis, Annie Last and Abbie Taylor are Sheffield hard-chargers with talent to burn.  Local mountain biker, scribe and rabble-rouser John Horscroft and special guest Steve Peat will be asking the questions and finding out what makes the next generation of super-shredders tick.

James ‘Swinny’ Swinden has steadily built a reputation for phenomenal pace in the National Downhill Series and has a huge viral video presence.  2012 however could be the big year for Swinny as he has just joined the Steve Peat Syndicate and moved up to the Elite category in this year’s series.

Josh ‘Loosedog’ Lewis has a similar story to Swinny. Known as one of Steve Peat’s protégées, he’s got big boots to fill. But with a huge personality and a growing profile in the UK scene, he’s another Junior rider to look out for.   There’s every chance we’ll see him moving up the rankings in 2012.

Abbie Taylor is an Olympic hopeful in the newly added sport of BMX Racing. A World Silver Medalist in 2011, she regularly mixes it up with the top Female Elite riders.  She is now receiving help from British Cyclings’s Olympic Development program which could be all the help she needs to take things to the next level.

2 more young guns TBC

Visiting Rob Stokes

Visiting Rob Stokes

Last day in Chamonix today, home of Rob Stokes, one of the original creators of this very site.

He’s a bit of a weapon on the old ski planks, so it’s been a trip full of carnage and awesome skiing.

Really happy with this shot of him, from up high on Brevant this morning.

Just after this…. Rob Jolley sent himself of a cliff he didn’t expect. Lol.

More to come later.


Bin busy….?

Bin busy….?

Putting any contributions on the webpage recently hasn’t really been my priority, I’ve had a few things going on, working in a very seismically active city, the back country trails covered in snow….and most recently….this is Zelia, she’s my new life…and being a Dad right now is fucking awesome….2028 Womens DH World Champ. G

North Face of the Tour Rond…

North Face of the Tour Rond…

So with Gee’s, Ruari’s and Nicks blatantly amature recent video editing efforts I thought I would show them, and Mr Joe Bowman, how to go on… Here is my first effort at filming and editing a short vid.

I will be off the bike for a while with torn wrist ligaments, but thankfully not out entirely with the first (miss)diagnosis of a broken Schaphoid. A couple of days ago I headed up the hill to climb the classic North Face of the Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc massif with friends Duncan Currie and Colin Weegie. Unfortunately Weegie came down with the man flu and a severe case of moaning like a little bitch disease and we therefore cut our stay down by a day or so but I am  still really excited to have got on the aesthetic and famous route and I am really psyched to ski the line in the future….hopefully soon.

Sun(burn), Sea and Sand

Whilst everyone else was away in some far off land (excluding Dunc who’s back home in Hemel) I was camping in a tent literally a stone’s throw away, depending on the tide, from the sea on the Pembrokeshire coast.

I brought the Rune along although I didn’t get a chance to ride it all that often as flying kites, eating ice cream, lying in the sun and swimming in the sea were occupying pretty much all of my time. Also, the awesome weather plus the after effect of falling asleep in the sun led to a bit of sunburn which made the rest of the week slightly uncomfortable.

Some right nice views…

However, I did get a couple of chances to ride. Like a true camper I hit the horizontal just before sunset and awoke when it rose again. Early on the first morning I set off along the coastal path at about 6am, rode 11 or 12 miles to the city of St. Davids (smallest city in the UK with a population of around 1,800!) to find a bakery then returned home with the goods at about 8 to find everyone still asleep…

There was one good section to ride not far from the campsite. It was pretty flat out, narrow and loose with a load of long steps cut in, gauze bushes either side and a 40 foot drop to the sea if I went off course and rag-dolled over the edge. I persuaded my twin bro to film a few clips at about 8am on the last day just before we had to pack everything up ready to leave so apologies for the quality of this video (we had literally 10 minutes). Also, he didn’t really know how to use my camera so the aperture was wide open making the depth of field a bit shite and there’s some glare which messes up the colours. Also, I’m no Joe Bowman or Duncan Philpott when it comes to editing stuff, ahhh well… enjoy!:

One thing before I go, my twin brother (Pat) will be walking 268 miles in the next two weeks along the Pennine Way to fundraise for Cancer Reasearch UK. If you have any spare cash then you can sponsor him here:

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