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Chamonix season….

I have been putting some little ‘accommodation wanted’ adverts up on various forums, lets see what I get in reply….

‘Hey there, Im in Cham this winter and looking for accom.

I am pretty much interested in all avenue’s weather that it shared accom or solo studio’s.

I am a 54 year old lecherous male that smokes a lot and cry’s himself to sleep every night, after a bottle of whisky or two. Im messy, inconsiderate and very un-hygienic and I will defiantly make unwanted sexual advances on you and/or you friends no matter what their sex, age or ethnicity. I don’t ski, or snowboard, but I do like the odd day on the snowblades.
On the plus side I am telling you straight up what to expect here, you on the other-hand could turn out to be a mentalist, without so much as a warning so I will be very pikky when choosing potential room mates.

So if you need a room mate or know of anything please get in touch with me.’

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