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Ensa couloir, Chamonix.

Paulie and Rory heading to the entry under Mt Blanc.

So as most of you will know, I am based in Chamonix for the winter and I will be updating the site with some (hopefully) exciting adventures of the better ski days. I will spare you the crap resort skiing and jibbing but hopefully have some cool pictures of the better days weather they are simple pow days or classic ski mountaineering lines.

First line of the season was the Ensa coulior off the top of the Brevant Cable car.

I went up with two old friends from Tignes, Paulie and Rory, and a new friend and mountainbike ripper from Whistler James McSkimming. The start of the route involves a few steep turns leading into a choke with a chockstone blocking the way before opening up into the couloir proper leading towards the valley 1500m below.

James at the first safe spot below the chockstone.

Its is only about ten feet wide at the entry point and is a tricky few moves over the iced up chockstone…..some people choose to lower over this section on a rope from the fixed piton but Paulie led the way and swiftly sent it over the wee drop/chockstone. James followed suit and then it was my turn. I skiied up to the chockstone and down climbed with my skis on over the first icy rocky bulge. Droping off the second small bit and speed/hip checking before regrouping in a safe spot with the other two. After a few seconds we heard Rory scratching and cursing his way down the rock above. We were round a corner so couldn’t see anything….but he quickly came into view jibbing, spinning and ragdolling down the couloir. Rory managed to arrest the fall in the deep snow but a lone ski disappeared down the hill at an alarming pace.

All downhill to town....

After watching Rory down-climb for about 25minutes he regained contact with the lost ski. Luckily not too injured, just a slightly stretched MCL ligament in the knee due to his dynafit’s having the DIN locked out. Lucky the snow was soft enabling the fall to be arrested. So after a quick curse directed at Paulie for keeping the rope in his pack we set of down the rest of the line uneventfully. After a mile or so of early-season walking-out through shitty avi debry and scragged tree’s it was well earned beer time.


Chamonix season….

I have been putting some little ‘accommodation wanted’ adverts up on various forums, lets see what I get in reply….

‘Hey there, Im in Cham this winter and looking for accom.

I am pretty much interested in all avenue’s weather that it shared accom or solo studio’s.

I am a 54 year old lecherous male that smokes a lot and cry’s himself to sleep every night, after a bottle of whisky or two. Im messy, inconsiderate and very un-hygienic and I will defiantly make unwanted sexual advances on you and/or you friends no matter what their sex, age or ethnicity. I don’t ski, or snowboard, but I do like the odd day on the snowblades.
On the plus side I am telling you straight up what to expect here, you on the other-hand could turn out to be a mentalist, without so much as a warning so I will be very pikky when choosing potential room mates.

So if you need a room mate or know of anything please get in touch with me.’

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