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Bike Talks

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival have put on a series of talks on a wide range of mountain bike topics alongside Ride Sheffield with a pretty stellar cast… and Cy Turner (Mwahahahaaaaa). They’re worth a watch as the nights draw in.

Martyn Ashton

Tommy Wilkinson

Aneela McKenna

Cy Turner

Pay It Back

If you enjoyed the talk please consider paying what you can afford / think it worth using this PayPal link:

The Gamble

The Gamble

Its here! Gamble by name, Gamble by nature. Sheffield’s own Steel City Media and his partner in crime, Creative Concept have put it all on the line to bring us the most amazing mountain bike film we’ve had in years.

Going back to basics, they’ve brought together the creme de la creme of the worlds DH racers and set them loose on locations all around the globe. With a keen eye and style this will be a visual treat for us all. However the biggest treat will undoubtedly be seeing the Steve Peat let loose on a custom track in Sheffield showing that he’s still got as much speed and style as he’s always had.


Its available for pre-order before its general release on the 15th May and there are a few tickets still available for the Global Premiere in Sheffield on the 13th April. 

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  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0037
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0011
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0028
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0037
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0040
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0047
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0049
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0052
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0055
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0057
  • 201428May_Spring Mini Series - Dual_0058

Mini Spring Series – Round 1 – Dual

Word and Photos: Nick Hamilton

I was a bit nervous about asking people to spend their hard earned cash on a kid’s bike they may only ever race four times, but I needn’t have been. Like the wheels, the cost is very small and like the us, the fun is very large. The arbitrary set of rules I can up with were:

  1. Wheels must be no larger than 16”
  2. The frame must be designed for 16” or smaller wheels
  3. Bike modification is encouraged and may be rewarded.
  4. The races shall remain secret until just before the event

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Photo: Duncan Philpott


I’m a bit late on this, but not as late as PinkBike. Our roving sex pest, Duncan, was awarded another POD over on Pinkbike a couple of weeks ago for this shot of sexy beast Swinny. The shot dates back quite a long time but its a classic combination of the skills of both men. Swinny spraying up the dust and Dunc panning the action to perfection.

Photo: Duncan Philpott

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