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Jack Reeeeeeding rips Wharny a new one.

Jack Reeeeeeding rips Wharny a new one.

Cool video on a sweet track, just a shame about the EPICLY long interview at the start. Give it a skip forward for the riding!

Photo: Callum T

After a frustrating result at the University Champs on Saturday it was nice to head to Wharncliffe Woods in Sheffield on Sunday for a day in front of the video camera of George Milner and photo camera of Callum Biggin.

We had a full day of shooting. I was riding all day and after cleverly forgetting my lunch I was fortunate to find 4 SIS energy bars in my bag. These kept me going throughout the day, although not a complete answer to the replacement of real food, I definitely wouldn’t have survived without them!

I spent the whole day pushing up two of, in my opinion, the best tracks in Wharncliffe, ‘Truffle Shuffle’ – built by Gee Hallam, and ‘Super Trout’ – built by Rob Stokes. For me many of the tracks in Wharny fight the hill a bit too much and lack flow. Then when they do really go with the gradient it becomes too tight so you have to be frustratingly on the brakes. Not these tracks. As you will see from the video they are fast, flowy, jumpy, fun and with some knarly bits thrown in there!

Here is the link to the video:

Tomorrow my new Ellsworth Dare arrives which I am very excited to unveil at the first round of the British National Series this weekend along with my new Team mates for 2011 – UK Expert rider James Swindon and UK Youth rider Christian Harrison.

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