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New Tee – Corpses from Hell Design

New Tee – Corpses from Hell Design

I’m so excited about this new t-shirt design, it distils all that TiS is about in to print form: Dual, Radness, racing and Man Wolfs!

We’ve collaborated with Max Patenoster, the President of the Corpses from Hell Motor cycle gang. Our Man Baybutt is the Sheffield arm of the crew and brokered the deal explaining through sketches, hand gestures and video what Dual racing is all about. He did a bloody good job. When Max finally made it to his first dual race last month he said “Ahhh… I got it right”. So true.

I first became away of Max’s work when he painted the fuel tank of Baybutts CX500. He uses gilding and his own inimitable style to come up with something truly unique.

So here we have it. The all new ThisISheffield TShirt design. They will be initially exclusively available at the Peaty’s Steel City DH this weekend. What are left, will be for sale through our online shop next week. They’re a limited amount so get yourself along to the race if you want one. I’ll be on the registration desk from 8 to 10am then they’ll be for sale in the bombhole.

The tee’s have been printed by Sheffield’s finest Crow and Dunnage  on to the highest quality organic cotton tees.
So, get one before they’re gone. The raddest tee you’ll buy this year… so buy two.
Got Soul?

Got Soul?

Following up from the further adventures of Rocketman, the dream team of Bowman and Swinny drafted in Ruari for some brotherly lovin’. Working the magic for Cotic once again, SteelCityMedia has produced this brilliant edit to promote the updated Soul. Great concept and well executed, but its the riding in the middle that floats my boat. Swinny and Ru do what they’re best at and smash the fuck out of a load of loamy corners making the the Soul look oh so Rad. But don’t take my word for it…


VOD2 2012 – The Rocket takes it

VOD2 2012 – The Rocket takes it

Steel City Media; Joe Bieber and Duncan PhilPOD, have just been awarded VOD over on PinkBike. Their advert for Cotic’s latest full bounce creation ‘The Rocket‘, sticks a tongue firmly in the cheek of slow-mo heavy, over produced, marketing mens creations. Instead it shows what  Sheffield Talent can accomplish. A great local bike (designed here anyway), ridden by a great local rider (the one and only Swinny) and shot and edited by the TiS dream team. The video also stars Hanna, Joes better half, as the Damsel in distress who, despite the portrayal in the video, is a great rider finishing 3rd in last weeks Hammers gravity enduro.

The video picks up where the last S.C.M.-Cotic Epic, for The X, left off with Swinny leaving his meeting and being summoned on the hot line to help Hanna. This brings out his secret side, his inner hero, Rocket Man. And what would rocket man ride? Hanna??? The Cotic Rocket of course. Swinny tears the shit out of some great local spots to get to the Damsel in time, showing the capability of the Rocket for fast, fun riding. Watch out for the Power Pout and sideways drifting action. Classic Swinden, I can’t believe he’s a Pro, I’m so much better than him #ShefGnar.

The Video has seemingly been universally well received, chalking up nearly 44,000 views to day across all platforms. A great success all round.

This is Bowman and Swindens Second VOD of the year so far, with their previous ‘quicky’ with Swinny picking up a VOD back in Feb.

If you’re products in trouble and no one else can help… you know who to call….

New Product testing – Mucky Nutz

Ok I so know that after 3 weeks of rain wishing it to rain again is a very bad idea… However, I’m very intrigued to know how this latest product from mucky nuts will fair. Butt fender… Not a device for a straight man in a gay bar

Report after its rained again… Not long


This is Sheffield Tees back in Stock

This is Sheffield Tees back in Stock

We had a batch of Tees printed up for the Steel City DH and have got a few leftovers now for sale in our online shop.

Modelled here by Faceplant specialist Chay Granby they offer no body armour type protection but do look very Rad. Click on Chay’s pic to get yours.


Update: 8-5-2012 – Tees Selling very well, nearly sold out in all sizes.

Not to put you off but there seems to be a trend in those wearing TiS Tees and ending up in hospital. Its not the Tees, just the radness within as Luc Albert demonstrates.

Houston we have lift off.

Houston we have lift off.

There’s been a bunch of hype surrounding Cotic’s second venture into the full squish market. So as expected ,Cy Turner the one man band behind the entire brand, took his time and got it right before he released it to the masses…

We’ve got a pre-production one for a little while, for a few things… so watch this space. But Joe squeezed in a few laps today around Wharncliffe to give her a bash.

Yes it’s nearly a full steel setup, but don’t start thinking it’s heavy… with a frame weight of around  7.6 lbs including shock, it’s still a competitive trail centre weapon.

It’s a sensual ride, making love to the trail, not ploughing it. Basically, it rides light and likes to ‘pop’.

Watch this space for more bits over the next month….

Photo by Philpod.

New Edit for Five Ten – Sam Dale

New Edit for Five Ten – Sam Dale

Joe and Duncan ventured to Macclesfield to work on this small edit + photo article for Five Ten, here’s the goods:

“The first in a series of Athlete Winter Catch Ups.

Sam Dale has been a long time Five Ten Athlete. Here we see him thrash his XC bike around his local training ground.

Sam chooses to wear the Five Ten Freerider White Tiger for all occasions.
Check it out HERE

Wallpaper of above image: WIDE +  NORMAL

Sam and his Dad have a healthy obsession for anything 2 wheels. Here he is on his Honda SL125, foot out, flat out.

A cold wintery morning, Macclesfield Forest provides Sam with his winter training ground.

2011 didn’t go as planned in some ways for him. When things change mid-season it’s not good for the mind of a Professional racer.

Macc Forest, Sam’s local training ground, where he’ll be working on things, to come back firing for the up-coming season.

Being a privateer has its benefits. Plan each day as it comes and enjoy some quality time at home.

The following day Sam was heading to a Moto Trial. Here, he uses a tech hill climb as a descent. You may recognize this from the latest issue of Mbr.

Flat pedal power. Sam Dale chooses to ride flats 9/10, swapping to clipless when he feels he needs it.

It’s not that grim up North, honest.


Green Oil to keep us Lubricated for 2012

Green Oil to keep us Lubricated for 2012

Nope, Duncan isn’t sponsored by Durex and Rob isn’t sponsored by Strongbow (yet) but……

For 2012 Green Oil will be supporting This Is Sheffield with all of their eco friendly products, whilst hopefully teaching us a thing or to as well. Look out for some great things this season.

Green Oil , born out of a shed in Kent, have stormed through the saturated Lubrication market, with their Eco minded brains fully switched on. Made in the UK, using 100% recycled bottles and sustainably sourced ingredients, they have turned heads with a fresh and clean approach to bike maintenance.

Check out some products below:

Where it all began, the original Green Oil chain lube and the Clean Chain degreaser.

The CF3 re-usable lube spray. Pour 30ml of water and any other Green Oil lube or de-greaser in this bad boy, pump it up with the unique top cap and spray away.

Yep it’s a brush, but it looks rad. Made from sustainably sourced wood, no rainforest in this bad boy.

Eco Sponge.Made from the Luffa plant.

Remember those flannels you used to get as you were a kid, that expanded in water the first time? Yep, this does that too… but after a year of hard use, it’s biodegradable, so it can turn right back into a Luffa (maybe).

Check out their online store for more products and accessories.


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