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Mission Impossible 4 shoe from Five Ten

Just heard over the grapevine that Five Ten were asked to make a very special shoe this year…..

Hollywood movie makers on the set of Mission Impossible 4 were after a shoe for one of the larger stunts in the movie.
The scene in question involves Mr Tom ‘scientology’ Cruise running across glass…

They needed the best, so they looked no further!

Based on the 2011 warhawk shoe. They slimmed it down, changed the colour to black and the most important bit….
Made a special one off compound of rubber specifically for running on glass!
Slightly crazy, but definetly cool…..

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Weight watchers.

People are obsessed with weight these days, once this was limited to certain aspects of life but now it seems to be everywhere. Our children, especially girls, grow up in with a deep seated obsession with beauty that is fuelled by a relentless bombardment from popular culture and the media. Of coarse this obsession with looks is directly and very closely influenced by weight. Or lack of.

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New Five Ten S11 Product.

New Five ten model and a few new styles for Spring 2011.

First up: The Baron. A completely new shoes for spring 11, with a re-inforced toe, beefed up lace system with re-inforced eyelets and extra support in the heel area. A shoe to bridge the gap between the Impact and the Freerider and is sure to be a huge hit with racers and riders wanting the skate shoe style without sacrificing performance.

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