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Howard Street Dual 2018 – Saturday March 10th

The ultimate form of head to head mountain bike racing returns to Sheffield City Centre on the 10th March to celebrate the Outdoor City Weekender. The devilishly difficult Howard Street Dual course will pitch the best riders against each other and the resulting spectacle will surprise and delight seasoned race fans, families of all ages and unsuspecting passers by. To enhance the drama this year we will be racing in the dark; once the sun goes down the course will be lit up making the elbow to elbow action even more entertaining.

Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Winning Lads

Made possible by Sheffield City Council the riders will race from the top of Hallam Square, across the front from Sheffield Hallam university’s main building and on down to the bottom of Howard street. They must negotiate a series of features sendable by the best and rollable by all. It mixes man-made constructions with street furniture, flat grass corners and custom wooden features. Last year the finish fadeaway and infamous chaos corner claimed many riders winning ways.

Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Winning Lass

Racing will begin at 5pm and finals will commence around 7pm with practice and seeding taking place from 3pm. Dual Slalom is a knockout race format, pitching riders against each other, literally duelling their way down the hill. The winner stays on and the fastest racers progress through to the finals and the glory. Think Daniel San in Karate Kid! The riders must react fast to get off the start line quickest then push each other to the limits of their skill without pushing so hard they end up on the floor, with their dreams in tatters.  

Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Catching Flies

In true This is Sheffield style, every rider who races will get a prize from our incredibly generous sponsors combined with a big cheer and all the glory. The fastest racers on the day will get to pick from the pile first. We have space for 32 lads and 32 lasses. Due to the nature of the event entry is by invite only and subject to race experience and radness. Applications for a place are welcomed by filling in details here, .We’ll get back to those successful.

Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Sender

Sheffield will be a hive of activity during the Outdoor City weekender; from the Sheffield adventure film festival, to the Magnificent 7 road anti-enduro and the Climbing works international festival. Dual racing is both spectacular and easy to follow, and will provide as much of a thrill for the spectators as it does the participants themselves. With cow-bells and noise-makers lining the track, the racers will be cheered from top to bottom making it great fun for the whole family and the best hecklers in town.

Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Sideways

Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Winning Lasses

Keep up to date with all the latest race information at

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Howard St Dual- Sheffield - 10th March 2018 - Peaty knows

SS16-01: Baybutt Memorial Gravity Race

SS16-01: Baybutt Memorial Gravity Race

After a year’s hiatus I cannot tell you how good it was to blow the dust off the summer series and get the crew back together. Although short, this series will be perfectly formed and was kicked off in style; The Baybutt Memorial Gravity race. This is so named as Richard Baybutt was so inspired by the first time he raced Grav Bikes that he has dedicated far too many hours, called in many favours (big up Matt Bowns!) and came out with his own dedicated UberRad gravity bike. He just needed a race to prove his worth.

A photo posted by Baybutt (@baybutt) on

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Cam Zinc’s Reach for the Sky – UK premiere

Cam Zinc’s Reach for the Sky – UK premiere


You’ve got to love the Hook it boys. Three local Sheffield lads making waves in the bike industry with there no nonsense Yorkshire attitude and top quality products.

Like this première for example. Sheffield hosting another exclusive off the back of them distributing Cam Zinc’s own rubber creations… well in boys.

They’re taking over Sheffield University’s auditorium (its on the bottom floor of the students union) to show Zinc’s new flick ‘Reach for the sky’. Having seen what Cam is capable of over the past few years there is no doubt that this will be one hell of spectacle. Its his life story in cinematic glory with interviews and archive footage brought to life with carefully woven narrative.

Hook It will spice up the night with prize give aways and a raffle. Its #ZincandDrink so the Interval bar will be the place to start. If you get your beer in a plastic cup, you can take them in with you. Genius!

Tickets are available through the unions own website so get your tickets before they get gone. Check out level 2 on this map to find out where to go. Graves entrance for beer, East entrance for the auditorium cinema.


Ladies Aline Coaching Session

Abi Legge is the better half of our own Ruari Hallam. Here she reports back on taking the plunge with Sheffield’s finest mountain bike coach. 

Our first Women’s-only event of the year was a sold-out mountain-bike coaching session with Sheffield’s pro-coach JJ* from ALine Coaching. Due to the bespoke nature of the course, it meant that each rider took away new techniques to improve their riding and boost confidence for when tackling challenging Peak terrain. As usual, sorry for the lack of pics – we were too busy having fun!

Abi, Becka, Charlie, Lizzie, Sophie, Dani, JJ

Abi, Becka, Charlie, Lizzie, Sophie, Dani, JJ

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The power of bicyles

We all love bikes. Sometimes they are more than fun, transport or pleasure.

As an orphan living with her grandmother in Zambia, 12-year-old Tamara has a simple life, but not an easy one. While the sun rises, she builds a fire, fetches water, washes clothes and prepares breakfast before making the 2.5 mile walk to school. This year, Tamara received a Buffalo Bicycle along with 100 other students and teachers at Kabulonga Primary School. Now she can get to school more easily and safely, saving valuable time and energy ready to learn and build a future.  Watch what a bicycles means to Tamara in our new video

 It costs just £95 to put a bicycle into the hands of a school child like Tamara so for the price of new set of tyres you give a Buffalo Bicycle this Christmas and change a life. Not only that but anything you can give before the end of the year will be matched. Find out more at

 Started in 2005 by F.K. Day, Vice President of SRAM, World Bicycle Relief’s mission is to provide sustainable, durable bicycles to individuals and communities in places where a lack of transport means that education, healthcare and economic opportunity and livelihood is often out of reach. The Buffalo Bicycle used by WBR is the result of many years of product development and field testing and is strong, durable and simple to repair as well as being compatible with locally available spare parts. The Buffalo isn’t just a bike, it’s a tool for cultural and economic empowerment.

 In October of this year World Bicycle Relief distributed its 200,000th bicycle. Each one of those bikes represents a life changing new beginning for a school child, a healthcare worker or an entrepreneur who can now travel further, save time and carry heavy loads. This major milestone is all thanks to our incredible supporters and together we’ve been able to mobilise people in the world’s poorest communities who rely on bikes to get to school, receive healthcare and build their livelihoods.

Thank you for sharing the Power of Bicycles

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Injuries suck!

Injuries suck!

So this winter I’ve shipped off to Australia for another summer.

All’s good, I’ve had a lot of time to ride all kinds of bikes on all kinds of tracks in only a few short weeks. Street & dirt jumping, BMX tracks to XC/Enduro & DH uplifting. Injuries are apart of our sport, we each experience a vast array of them & I have had my fair share over the years that’s for sure. I’ve had little niggling ones that never seem to go away, and much bigger ones that put that fear of getting back onto the bike into you.

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End of season write up – Part 2

End of season write up – Part 2

Val di Sol IXS cup

I was lucky enough to chosen by British cycling to represent at Val di Sole World Cup 2013 & it was without doubt the highlight of my short career. What an unreal track! Val di Sole is pretty brutal, ride too conservative & it’s actually more difficult a track to ride.. Push it that bit too much however & the high speeds & nature of the track can bite you in the arse.

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End of season write up – part 1

End of season write up – part 1

Steel City DH

The opening event of the year for me & a great way to start it. Steel city DH has always been so much fun since it’s first event 4 years ago. It’s great to see such an amazing local crowd swarm around Grenoside woods, seeing many faces I know cheering on gives such a buzz when on track. I was more determined than ever that this year I was going to deliver & be able to thoroughly push & challenge the unbeaten Steve Peat to a tense & exciting finale.

Race runs both had small errors in, with pushing so hard on such a short, fast, tight track, it was always going to be a battle to not push the boundaries too far & result in errors..

It’s important or stay smooth, fluid & relaxed on this course. There isn’t much room for pedal strokes so flow is incredibly important. A jammed chain early on in run 1 had me uncomfortably set up for the run & put me back in fourth. My 2nd was going much better, until I over cooked one of the ‘S’ bends, tucked the front tyre under & bobbled off track, spoiling the run.

It was incredibly tight & exciting racing throughout all the categories, but once again Steve came out triumphant & remains the King of Steel City. For me, 5th place.. There’s always next year.

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