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New Wharncliffe trail, Alexander Super Trout.

So the latest addition to Wharncliffe has been finished.

Alexander Super Trout is a different beast to the usual Wharncliffe, bucking the trend for unsustainable raked in ‘rut lines’ a fast, flowy and hopefully sustainable line has been built. Starting on the top fire road, just right of nemba the line follows what was once called ‘Salmon’ (built by James and Craig of ‘dogs bollocks’ fame) steeply through tight tree’s down to the jeep track.

This is where the new building started. Continuing on Alexander Super Trout widen’s out and weaves via berm’s, drops and jumps all the way down to the bottom fire road. There are some really awesome corners and compressions, with the speed keeping above the Wharncliffe usual right the way to the end.

You may have seen the video’ footage from some youngster’s poaching the trail before it was finished, but let me reassure you…there will be plenty more quality footage coming in the next couple of weeks!

Well done to all that worked on the trail, no names mentioned, but you know who you are.

Alexander Super Trout.

Deep summer

Last year, Myself, Bowman and Reading took it upon ourselves to bring a classic Whistler trail back into shape.

Tresspasser is a legend of a trail in Whistler. Its steep, rooty and littered with the sketchest rock rolls you can imagine and is completely lap-able from the bike park….if you know how to get to it.

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The backyard.

So this pump track fad that seems to have hit the world of mountain biking aint going away.

Theres been a tonne of stuff built on this plot of land, but this piece of work takes the big fat biscuit.

Here’s a few shots, but expect plenty more (decent) ones as the summer goes on.Plus a pump jam/race sometime soon!

Cheers to Kev and the rest of the team….

More pics after the drop.

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