Printed bikes: The future is here!

You need to watch this video to believe it. Adrian Smith is making carbon fibre mountain bikes using a 3d printer that he built himself in his own garage. Adrian has a strong Sheffield connection having run Edge Bikes from the city back back in the early noughties after finishing his studies here. Smith is a old mate whose tenacity and devotion to making bikes knows no bounds. I’ve described him before as an evil genius (he’s actually lovely) but he prefers being a carbon wasp.

You can find Adrian on twitter and he has his own website and a facebook group for DIY bike builders

Things that go Boing in the night

Things that go Boing in the night

Monday 26th January – Ecclesall Saw Mill – 7 to 8:30pm

Do you understand what suspension does? Do you understand what it can do for you? Do you know how to make it do that for you?

Well, help is at hand. This monday night Tom Duncan is running a session explaining all you need to know about those things you’ve spent shed loads of money on and how to make them perform optimally for you.

Tom is very well placed to tell you all about this, he’s been Steve Peat’s Mechanic for the past two seasons and has been on the world cup circuit way before that. He’s also a first class graduate of Sheffield Hallam’s Sports Technology course where he studied in detail the performance of disk brakes and the effect of pedal type on rider power output.

Basically. He know’s his shit.

Sheffield’s Aline Mountain Bike Coaching are putting the session on and all the details are over on John’s site including how to book a ticket. For 10 quid, its well worth the investment. See you there, directions to the discovery centre are at the bottom of this page



Ladlife year ender – Josh Lewis and #allthelads

Josh Lewis is back on the bike. After a season plagued by a bad knee, Josh got everything sewn up and finally got back on two wheels a couple of weeks ago. He’s not been slacking though… He’s Blue Steel through and through, picking up the CT Fletcher award for services to bench pressings at recent awards dinner. In his spare time he’s been learning how to use a washing machine and what the zoom button does on his shiny new camcorder. Reet good!


The power of bicyles

We all love bikes. Sometimes they are more than fun, transport or pleasure.

As an orphan living with her grandmother in Zambia, 12-year-old Tamara has a simple life, but not an easy one. While the sun rises, she builds a fire, fetches water, washes clothes and prepares breakfast before making the 2.5 mile walk to school. This year, Tamara received a Buffalo Bicycle along with 100 other students and teachers at Kabulonga Primary School. Now she can get to school more easily and safely, saving valuable time and energy ready to learn and build a future.  Watch what a bicycles means to Tamara in our new video

 It costs just £95 to put a bicycle into the hands of a school child like Tamara so for the price of new set of tyres you give a Buffalo Bicycle this Christmas and change a life. Not only that but anything you can give before the end of the year will be matched. Find out more at

 Started in 2005 by F.K. Day, Vice President of SRAM, World Bicycle Relief’s mission is to provide sustainable, durable bicycles to individuals and communities in places where a lack of transport means that education, healthcare and economic opportunity and livelihood is often out of reach. The Buffalo Bicycle used by WBR is the result of many years of product development and field testing and is strong, durable and simple to repair as well as being compatible with locally available spare parts. The Buffalo isn’t just a bike, it’s a tool for cultural and economic empowerment.

 In October of this year World Bicycle Relief distributed its 200,000th bicycle. Each one of those bikes represents a life changing new beginning for a school child, a healthcare worker or an entrepreneur who can now travel further, save time and carry heavy loads. This major milestone is all thanks to our incredible supporters and together we’ve been able to mobilise people in the world’s poorest communities who rely on bikes to get to school, receive healthcare and build their livelihoods.

Thank you for sharing the Power of Bicycles

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Injuries suck!

Injuries suck!

So this winter I’ve shipped off to Australia for another summer.

All’s good, I’ve had a lot of time to ride all kinds of bikes on all kinds of tracks in only a few short weeks. Street & dirt jumping, BMX tracks to XC/Enduro & DH uplifting. Injuries are apart of our sport, we each experience a vast array of them & I have had my fair share over the years that’s for sure. I’ve had little niggling ones that never seem to go away, and much bigger ones that put that fear of getting back onto the bike into you.

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End of season write up – Part 2

End of season write up – Part 2

Val di Sol IXS cup

I was lucky enough to chosen by British cycling to represent at Val di Sole World Cup 2013 & it was without doubt the highlight of my short career. What an unreal track! Val di Sole is pretty brutal, ride too conservative & it’s actually more difficult a track to ride.. Push it that bit too much however & the high speeds & nature of the track can bite you in the arse.

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Peatys Jumble Sale

Peatys Jumble Sale

Do you need some new shiny bits for your bike? Would you like to grab a bargain? Fancy trying before you buy?

Well Sir Peat has got the event for you. He’s put together a Bike Bonanza at Ponds Forge on the 2nd November. The idea is that Shops, Pros and the general public will all buy an exhibition space and set out their stall (this could be you) full of great bikes and components they want to sell. Joe public (this could be you) then comes along when the doors open and ferrets around for the biggest and best bargain to be had in the hall. Everyone goes home happy.

There’s more information and booking over on the website and Facebook page. Get involved.

Trade stands already confirmed include:

Plus the limping mancunian warrior…



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End of season write up – part 1

End of season write up – part 1

Steel City DH

The opening event of the year for me & a great way to start it. Steel city DH has always been so much fun since it’s first event 4 years ago. It’s great to see such an amazing local crowd swarm around Grenoside woods, seeing many faces I know cheering on gives such a buzz when on track. I was more determined than ever that this year I was going to deliver & be able to thoroughly push & challenge the unbeaten Steve Peat to a tense & exciting finale.

Race runs both had small errors in, with pushing so hard on such a short, fast, tight track, it was always going to be a battle to not push the boundaries too far & result in errors..

It’s important or stay smooth, fluid & relaxed on this course. There isn’t much room for pedal strokes so flow is incredibly important. A jammed chain early on in run 1 had me uncomfortably set up for the run & put me back in fourth. My 2nd was going much better, until I over cooked one of the ‘S’ bends, tucked the front tyre under & bobbled off track, spoiling the run.

It was incredibly tight & exciting racing throughout all the categories, but once again Steve came out triumphant & remains the King of Steel City. For me, 5th place.. There’s always next year.

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