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New Tee – Corpses from Hell Design

New Tee – Corpses from Hell Design

I’m so excited about this new t-shirt design, it distils all that TiS is about in to print form: Dual, Radness, racing and Man Wolfs!

We’ve collaborated with Max Patenoster, the President of the Corpses from Hell Motor cycle gang. Our Man Baybutt is the Sheffield arm of the crew and brokered the deal explaining through sketches, hand gestures and video what Dual racing is all about. He did a bloody good job. When Max finally made it to his first dual race last month he said “Ahhh… I got it right”. So true.

I first became away of Max’s work when he painted the fuel tank of Baybutts CX500. He uses gilding and his own inimitable style to come up with something truly unique.

So here we have it. The all new ThisISheffield TShirt design. They will be initially exclusively available at the Peaty’s Steel City DH this weekend. What are left, will be for sale through our online shop next week. They’re a limited amount so get yourself along to the race if you want one. I’ll be on the registration desk from 8 to 10am then they’ll be for sale in the bombhole.

The tee’s have been printed by Sheffield’s finest Crow and Dunnage  on to the highest quality organic cotton tees.
So, get one before they’re gone. The raddest tee you’ll buy this year… so buy two.
The Baybutt files – X marks the spot

The Baybutt files – X marks the spot


Baybutt Smashing out the smiles at the Laps. Photo: Henry Norman

So as you may have read, our mate and Pro ‘Tog, Rich Baybutt accompanied JoBo to have their cyclocross cherries taken together. Baybutt shared his experiences with me which made me giggle… Rich takes up the tale.

It was as epic as you can imagine. So fun – so much effort! We giggled the whole way round the practice lap. The jelly babies on top of a cheese sandwich before didn’t help but as long as I kept riding, I didn’t vom. Joe’s brakes packed up 2nd lap and neither of us used more than 4 gears the whole race. You could have drowned in the puddles. Like the worst Glastonbury you’ve ever seen. I would say like the Somme but it was no way near as serious as that; although I couldn’t have ridden any harder even if people were shooting at me.

Joe had a wobble in the woods and I had an tumble on a slippery log on the last lap but otherwise we stayed upright. The tyres work really well but then again it might be because you are moving so slowly. Project “don’t finish last” was a success.

We were stood in the van afterwards, shivering, soaking, half naked, trying to get our frozen fingers do do up shoelaces without covering everything in mud, thinking “people actually move to Belgium specifically for this!?” You need it in your life at some point – it makes all kinds of other riding seem easier!


Mines Bigger than Yours

Mines Bigger than Yours

Richard Baybutt is a photographical genius in so many ways. Not only does he know where to set the dials before he presses the Go Button but he also knows just where to point the camera and when. However, what I really like about his shots are that his tongue is often lodged firmly in his cheek, where it belongs. If you’re a follower of his work you’ll know what I mean and if you are honoured enough to know him personally, you’ll have experienced it first hand.

This shot then exemplifies all of these traits.  Charged with shooting Yorkshire’s new Road Race Olympic Silver Medallist, Lizzie Armitstead, for Cyclesport mag he cracked out this cheeky little shot in his trademark style.

A few weeks ago in honour of the London Olympics I had organised a mates race ‘Special Olympics’ as part of the Summer series. Baybutt explained to Lady Armitstead that this consisted of 10 events ranging in requirements of  stupidity and skill. Somewhat bemused but “a tiny bit impressed that I won the silver out of all of it (girls love guys who can do a wheelie)” she agreed to pose for this photo. Now which one of these silvers do you think Baybutt would rather have won? Lizzie must have made quite the impression on the Baybutts as Rich’s wife, Fera, was so inspired by meeting her that she went out for her first ever road ride (naturally she has ridden both MTB and BMX before).

Lizzie we salute you! Thank you for all your dedication and bringing a medal back to Yorkshire.

Baybutt we Salute you! Thank you for valuing your TiS Medal so much you would take it with you when meeting an Olympian.

You can see many more fine examples of Baybutts work in this montage of his Pro Cyclists Portraits.

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