Nope, Duncan isn’t sponsored by Durex and Rob isn’t sponsored by Strongbow (yet) but……

For 2012 Green Oil will be supporting This Is Sheffield with all of their eco friendly products, whilst hopefully teaching us a thing or to as well. Look out for some great things this season.

Green Oil , born out of a shed in Kent, have stormed through the saturated Lubrication market, with their Eco minded brains fully switched on. Made in the UK, using 100% recycled bottles and sustainably sourced ingredients, they have turned heads with a fresh and clean approach to bike maintenance.

Check out some products below:

Where it all began, the original Green Oil chain lube and the Clean Chain degreaser.

The CF3 re-usable lube spray. Pour 30ml of water and any other Green Oil lube or de-greaser in this bad boy, pump it up with the unique top cap and spray away.

Yep it’s a brush, but it looks rad. Made from sustainably sourced wood, no rainforest in this bad boy.

Eco Sponge.Made from the Luffa plant.

Remember those flannels you used to get as you were a kid, that expanded in water the first time? Yep, this does that too… but after a year of hard use, it’s biodegradable, so it can turn right back into a Luffa (maybe).

Check out their online store for more products and accessories.