On Saturday night a bunch of the TiS crew headed down to the Showroom in Sheffield to listen and watch Chris Akrigg. He was being interviewed by Cunny as part of the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (SHAFF) but details of the format were unknown. However, It was obviously gonna be Rad. I’ve personally been a fan of Akrigg for a long while, going back to his brakeless, Ghetto days when me and my mate John would always email each other when a new edit appeared.

The evening turned out to be a full career review, going right back to how Chris was born on to a Moto trials bike emulating his Dad all the way through to his resent recuperation. Cunny did a great job of guiding the brain dump and effusive flow from the rare beast that is a charismatic Yorkshire man. Akrigg’s stubbornness, commitment and determination are evident in his riding and he wasn’t shy about any of it. Dry, witty and laugh out loud funny Chris detailed his steady moves to becoming the professional rider he is today.

Difficult to pigeon hole and definitely his own man he is perhaps a sponsor’s nightmare. However, this uniqueness and creativity have marked him out and makes him a big draw in this Edit driven and social media market place. A self confessed media whore and part time Art Fag, his progression in riding and video production was evidenced by the showing of a series of his edits throughout the evening.

Starting at Trial Noir and ending with ‘If Not but When’ and step by step, left all the audience wanting more, particularly when tantalising details of the next project were offered. Back dropped by a slideshow of Victor Lucas’ brilliant photos the evening flew by ending with the horrific details of his injury and heart wrenching road to recovery (apparently he was going to try ‘that gap’ ALONE the previous week but it was too windy!). Happily Chris appears as determined and inspired as ever, ready to drop more golden nuggets for us all to enjoy. Hopefully the battle between his body and mind will be won and the surprises will keep on keeping on for a long time to come.