This month we head to the west of the city to Fox Hagg and Wyming Brook. We start on a descent which was reclassified to a bridleway earlier this year thanks to the continued work of Ride Sheffield. Its a brilliant descent that still requires a good deal of pedalling and there’s some line choices to be made in the middle. Don’t ride it in the wet, its just not worth it and will knacker the trail. The descent finishes at Rivelin reservoir where the assent though Wyming Brook begins. The segment finishes just before the gate at the top. This segment was suggested by our own Duncan Philpott as a personal favourite.

You’ve got until the 31st October and can have as many goes as you like, only your fastest will count.

All we ask is that you ride responsibly. Be respectful to other trail users, the trail itself and yourself. Don’t piss anyone off, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Simple. There’s not prizes, only bragging rights. You race completely at your own risk. We take absolutely no responsibility for your actions or any injuries sustained.




Photos: The Philpott courtesy of  Rubarb