Have you ridden at Parkwood? Good eh?

Have you ridden on the trails in Greno?? Reet good eh?

How much has it cost you to ride on either of those trails?


Parkwood came about through a grant secured by future Mayor, Jon Dallow, and the new trails and improvements to existing trails in Greno were all financed through the profits made from Peaty’s Steel City race.

Now. Would you like more purpose built mountain bike trails to ride? Some alternatives to the existing two, that could be ridden year round even when your local trails or the Peak is sloppy??

Its time to give back to the sport you love!

Cycling Citizens of Sheffield. Get tha’ hand int pocket and pull out some paper.

Back in February our ‘responsible brothers from another mother’ Ride Sheffield launched a campaign to crowd fund new trail development at Lady Cannings  in the south west of the city. Its been going pretty well and they have managed to raise £8500 so far. Which considering this is Yorkshire, is amazing. Its still a lot less than a fully spec’d V10 though.

However, Plans have changed, the ambition has risen! They’re proposing a phased approach to the work which will cost a  total of £60,000 when its all done. But this will be a much longer, professionally built trail rather than one built by volunteers which would be unlikely to take the hammer it would undoubtedly receive.  Full details of proposal are over on Ride Sheffield and they look magnificent.


Phase 1 though is to create a 1.2km Downhill run from the top to bottom of Cannings running parallel to the road, which will link up with the newly surfaced bridleway up the middle of the woods.  This would give a great 2.5km loop to play on or be part of a ride out to the Peak.

This first phase will cost £20, 000. That’s £11,500 more than they already have. And they need to plug that gap by Christmas so the work can be scheduled to start in March 2014.

The only way this will happen is if YOU. That’s YOU reading this, who likes riding bikes and having fun, puts YOUR hand in YOUR pocket and give generously to the Fund. If YOU don’t do that, the trail will not get built. Its that simple.

So, its very easy to donate. You can transfer straight to their bank account.


Account is with HSBC.

Or you can donate via Paypal. The address for Paypal payments is ridesheffield@gmail.com please make sure this is a gift payment so that they receive all of your money.

I would suggest a minimum donation of £50 if you ride in Cannings regularly, more if you can afford it and even if you have already given.

I have pledged this much.

So you know what needs to be done. No excuses. Just get it done.