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3300m up, one big walk down.

3300m up, one big walk down.

One hell of a big week is finally over at Megavalanche 2011.

5AM race day and the Germans had some weird ass noises coming from there red lit caravan.

Cloud cover all morning up top, meant it was a cold 2 hours wait. Glad to see the toilets had been improved…. naaaat.

The start straight was the most technical i’ve ever seen it. Stick left and you had a thin patch of snow, middle was pure ice, stick right and you entered a loose boulder field. The top guys traipsed up and down here all morning.

“I turn right and go through the boulders” Clem.

Who needs DSLR when you have Hipstmatic?

Sun trying to break through….

No race pics for obvious reasons. Some dude in Poc on a snot coloured Ibis got the holeshot, I snapped my mech hanger on the same rock as last year (fail) and the start was so insane it was like freekin D Day.

Full results and video HERE

Until next year…

Ou est le pot d'baby?

So after the Mega we headed over to Chatell where we based ourselves for the remaining week….

Some amaing tracks, littered with loam and roots. Awesome for shooting.

AFter a solid day hitting up all the loamy goodness and even some north shore stuff, we had some of the best footage yet….Until….

The camera gods spat on me when uploading the footage to my computer and somehow during a stage of camera/computer purgatory, it vanished. No idea how it happend or why, but i do know we have nothing for Episode 4 anymore :(

So the plan is……. a quick re-cap of the sprint avalanche, which is the only footage i have. Then come August 7th there’s a huge fancy dress dirt jump jam going on, so we’ll get back to business then.

In the mean time, it’s time to take some photos. The ones below are definetly not anything special, but there’s a couple i like…



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