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This Is Sheffield Xmas/Summer Bonanza (Episode 5)

This Is Sheffield Xmas/Summer Bonanza (Episode 5)

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After the Mega in Alpe d’huez we set off on a bit of a mission, digging out some of the more ‘quiet’ French alpine resorts, whilst clocking in some miles at some of the old classics aswell.

Super dry and dusty everywhere meant pushing up and filming was a sweaty task, but Rob busted a nut and we squeezed out some great shots.

This footage should of been released a while back, but on returning to the U.K Joe lost it during upload…. or at least he thought he did.

So here is the short but sweet Winter/Summer special, enjoy!

Monday Afternoon.

Monday Afternoon.

It’s been a dry couple of days for once up here, with alot of wind, helping to dry those boggy trails out.

Summer has gone, but Fall is here, we even had frost this morning! We headed over Barnsley way…Yep Barnsley, to an old haunt which has recently recieved a facelift from a few dedicated locals.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what we got up to..


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