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Steve Peat Dirt Shoot – Saturday 13th – 8:45am

Steve Peat Dirt Shoot – Saturday 13th – 8:45am

Grant Robinson, Dirt TOG supreme, is in town this weekend to shoot Steve Peat on Saturday morning. We need a big crowd!

If you can help out and want to chase Peaty, who will be wearing a costume, please turn up at the Cookson cycle speedway track at Hillsborough, Sheffield no later than 8:45am. Its just off Herries Road and it will take less than an hour.

Here’s a map of where the track is

We need as many people as possible, so please brings friends, relatives, girlfriends, wives and things to make noise!

Hello world.


This is my first post on this bit of cyberspace so i thought I’d give you a taster of what i do… Photos.

The slightly ambiguous title is all about where these photos were taken, Sheffield! Here are some shots from the past couple of months from riding spots local to Sheffield.

From the urban areas of the city we have the Bolehill BMX and Downhill:

And not to forget the occasional street spot!

Next up we have one of the more widely known spots, Wharncliffe:

Then, not forgetting, the many miles of Peak District which border the city:

Well thanks for reading! Expect some of those moving photos in the future and enjoy the sun while its here.

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