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‘Win’ an Santa Cruz Blur Tr: Peaty’s Steel City DH

‘Win’ an Santa Cruz Blur Tr: Peaty’s Steel City DH


May the forth be with you. Well it was, last weekend, for the 3rd Steel City DH as this great edit from Gee Milner shows. The biggest little race in the North just keeps on expanding. This year, aside the 200 racers who ensured the entry was sold out within an hour and a half, over 100o spectators filled Grenoside woods heckling and eating and drinking everything that was on offer in the bombhole. When was the last time (other than a fort bill world cup) a mountain bike race had that many spectators in the UK? Peaty had to think back to the Malvern classic’s way back when to remember a similar atmosphere.

This great edit from X Trail Films gives another angle of the day.


Dave Griffiths - Photo: James Brown

Dave Griffiths – Photo: James Brown

This years race was given a bit of a twist as it was on 4th May, we pushed May the forth be with you as much as possible with Cotic offering a BFe frame for the best dressed Star Wars character! It was won by a plastic bin tranformed in to a fully functional R2D2. Peaty himself was rocking a full on Storm Trooper outfit with a custom TLD lid aboard his Santa Cruz Brosnon Speeder Bike

Steve 'Storm Trooper' Peat: Photo - James Brown

Steve ‘Storm Trooper’ Peat: Photo – James Brown

Winner of the Cotic Prize for best Star Wats fancy Dress, R2D2

Winner of the Cotic Prize for best Star Wats fancy Dress, R2D2

For the first time ever for the race, the sun had been shining for the fortnight leading up to the race and the woods and the track was dry. The funds raised from last years race had been ploughed back in to the woods by the Sheffield Wildlife Trust and improvements to the track made by local firm Bike Track and volunteers from Ride Sheffield made for the fastest racing yet.  Gone were the days of the muddy slog pedal fest, pumping through the rocky course and carrying speed through the bermed corners was the order of the day.

Mark Wilson kicking up dust - Photo: James Brown

Mark Wilson kicking up dust – Photo: James Brown

As ever the generosity of the events sponsors was overwhelming with prizes galore for all podiums places and the every popular raffle. The race has always served to be completely inclusive with kids from age 10 upwards racing in the rippers category. This year we also had 30 ladies racing, amazing for a race of 200 people. They were split in to two groups; one for those racing for the first time and the other for those more experienced. Our oldest entrant was Pat Horscroft was in her 70th year and celebrating by racing for the first time ever. She was rewarded with a special award and bear hug from Peaty on the podium.

Track builder David Gregory of Bike Track makes the most of his hard work on race day. - Photo: James Brown

Track builder David Gregory of Bike Track makes the most of his hard work on race day. – Photo: James Brown

As ever the atmosphere all the way along the track but particularly at the gap jump and finish bomb hole was electric. With so many people out watching and banging the hell out of the noise makers they had brought the racers were often seen smirking from the hilarious heckles.

Well Prepared career marshal Rob Jolley came armed to the teeth

Well Prepared career marshal Rob Jolley came armed to the teeth

Shef Uni were out in force and the Stoke levels were kept high

Shef Uni were out in force and the Stoke levels were kept high

Although most prizes were given away on the podium or in the raffle one very important one remains. A brand new Blur TR donated by Santa Cruz bicycles. In a size large it up for auction on Ebay with all proceeds (minus the ebay fees) going directly in to the charity pot. The frame with a Fox Float CTD Adjust Kashima Shock is worth over £1900 and we are open to reasonable offers. Please use the best offer system on Ebay to make your bids. Ideally You’ll collect from Sheffield to give cash on collection so we can avoid paypal fees.

If you want to win it, get your bids in here.


photo 1 photo 3


So back to the racing. For the 3rd year running, Dr Peat took the win, this year on his Santa Cruz Brosnon. That means he’s won on a different wheel size each year. Maybe 20″ next year? Full results are available on roots and rain but here’s the podiums


1 1 Steve PEAT Santa Cruz Syndicate 1:17.293 (1) 1:16.644 (1) 1:16.644
2 4 James SWINDEN StevePeatSyndicate 1:20.373 (2) 1:21.004 (2) 1:20.373 3.729s
3 3 Sam DALE Madison / Saracen 1:22.124 (3) 2:36.933 (10) 1:22.124 5.480s


1 22 Sam TAYLOR go to site 1:47.219 (1) 1:43.888 (1) 1:43.888
2 17 James ELLIOTT 1:52.664 (2) 1:52.988 (2) 1:52.664 8.776s
3 18 Luke MUMFORD TeamCHR 1:56.900 (3) 1:56.530 (3) 1:56.530 12.642s


1 30 Kade EDWARDS Torico Morzine 1:45.902 (5) 1:36.766 (1) 1:36.766
2 31 Oscar MONK Sheffield Dirt Society BMX 1:37.401 (1) 1:55.542 (7) 1:37.401 0.635s
3 32 Jake MONK Sheffield Dirt Society BMX 1:37.657 (2) 1:37.529 (2) 1:37.529 0.763s


1 40 James HURST Evolution Racing 1:28.898 (1) 1:29.597 (1) 1:28.898
2 44 George VEALL 1:33.691 (2) 1:33.784 (2) 1:33.691 4.793s
3 39 Tom GRICE 1:37.935 (6) 1:35.601 (3) 1:35.601 6.703s


1 51 Liam MCDERMOTT TRG Racing 1:32.205 (2) 1:29.145 (1) 1:29.145
2 52 Sam ROBSON MIJ Downhill Events 1:31.759 (1) 1:33.699 (3) 1:31.759 2.614s
3 56 Marco WOOD-BONELLI Sheffield Dirt Society 1:33.402 (3) 1:31.767 (2) 1:31.767 2.622s


1 217 Luke MEREDITH StevePeatSyndicate 1:24.251 (1) 1:24.546 (1) 1:24.251
2 227 Andrew WALKER 1:25.368 (2) 1:24.842 (2) 1:24.842 0.591s
3 232 David CAMUS The University of Sheffield Cy 1:27.892 (6) 1:25.626 (3) 1:25.626 1.375s


1 141 Chay GRANBY Cotic / Steel City Media 1:23.862 (1) 1:25.082 (1) 1:23.862
2 142 Rich NORGATE 1:25.262 (2) 1:25.246 (2) 1:25.246 1.384s
3 144 Adam TAYLOR go to site 1:27.395 (3) 1:29.328 (5) 1:27.395 3.533s


1 171 Scott TURTLE 1:30.809 (1) 1:31.374 (2) 1:30.809
2 177 Martin CREASER 1:32.223 (2) 1:30.956 (1) 1:30.956 0.147s
3 151 Simon CHATTEN 1:33.171 (3) 1:32.319 (3) 1:32.319 1.510s


1 79 Cheri MILLS 1:38.970 (1) 1:39.744 (1) 1:38.970
2 88 Carrie POOLE Osprey / go to site 1:44.287 (2) 1:44.072 (2) 1:44.072 5.102s
3 83 Becci SKELTON Team Cycopath 1:45.489 (3) 1:54.870 (10) 1:45.489 6.519s

Open Women

1 67 Emma PEASLAND Stilettos on Wheels 2:05.149 (5) 1:49.278 (1) 1:49.278
2 73 Jody VALLANCE 1:53.076 (1) 1:52.788 (2) 1:52.788 3.510s
3 74 Jessica WIEGAND Atgni 2:00.245 (2) 2:02.635 (4) 2:00.245 10.967s

Massive thank you’s to all the event Sponsors, Helpers and Marshals. Many people willingly give up their valuable time to make this race happen and it could not happen without them. Its part of what makes this race so special, the people and smiling faces that help year in and year out. Thank you!

The race is organised by a team of 4 riders, myself Nick Hamilton, Steve Hardcastle, Henry Norman and Joe Bowman. If you see us out on the trails or at the bar, give us a pat on the back if you had a good day in the woods.

Until Next year…..

Peatys Steel City DH – The Start List

Here’s the finalised start list for Saturday.

1 Pro Am Steve Peat Santa Cruz Syndicate
2 Pro Am Josh Bryceland Santa Cruz Syndicate
3 Pro Am Chris Akrigg Mongoose
4 Pro Am Jack Reading Ellsworth/Sis/O’Neal
5 Pro Am Rowan Sorrell
6 Pro Am James Swinden Ellsworth/Chromag/Thisisheffield
7 Pro Am Tom Kelly Stevepeatsyndicate
8 Pro Am George Amos Rootsandrain.Co.Uk
9 Pro Am Nick Craig Scott Bikes
10 Pro Am Xxx Xxx Thisisheffield.Co.Uk
11 Pro Am Dave Wardell Gt Bicycles
20 Ripper Kade Edwards
21 Ripper Robert Thomas
22 Ripper Jake Monk
23 Ripper Oscar Monk
24 Ripper Cam Jones
30 Juvenile Oliver Tandy
31 Juvenile Noah Farrell Behindthebars.Co.Uk
32 Juvenile Thomas Heath
33 Juvenile Oliver Burhouse Storthes Hall Shredders
34 Juvenile Seb Gledhill
35 Juvenile Jack Miller
36 Juvenile Thomas Craig Scott Bikes
40 Youth Jack Read Steve Peat Syndicate
41 Youth Adam Dawson
42 Youth Oliver Spence
43 Youth Nick Akers
44 Youth Joe Camus
45 Youth Kyle Brookes Brookie96
46 Youth Tom Kahler
47 Youth Jack Berry Clear Edge
48 Youth Fraser Grice
49 Youth Josh Kilby
55 Junior Josh Lewis Steve Peat Syndicate
56 Junior Freddie Oxley Steve Peat Syndicate
57 Junior Joe Mallinson Nema,Thebiketree
58 Junior Steve Dawson
59 Junior Dan Ingram Redmist Racing
60 Junior Rob Campbell Badman Racing
61 Junior Phil Clarke
62 Junior Alex Megson
63 Junior Tom Parkin
64 Junior Daniel Blaney
65 Junior Chris Calland-Scoble
70 Veteran Niall Ingram Redmist Racing
71 Veteran Tim Webb Red Mist Racing
72 Veteran Ian Binch
73 Veteran Rod Fountain Dirt Mag
74 Veteran Matt Letch Singletrack Magazine
75 Veteran Grahame Layhe
76 Veteran Lee Fielding
77 Veteran Antony Cockerill
78 Veteran Dave Stanton
79 Veteran Paul Brookes Brookie89
80 Veteran Simon Mander
85 Master Tristan Tunstall Steve Peat Syndicate
86 Master Dan Haines Red Mist Racing
87 Master Seb Kemp
88 Master Sion Jones O’Neal-Fli Distribution
89 Master Zac Hubery
90 Master Thomas Reed
91 Master Andrew Devine Cgcc
92 Master Martin Creaser
93 Master Steve Scott
94 Master Ben Jaggard-Smith Ratz
95 Master Colin Williams O’Neal Europe
96 Master Tristan Mayor O’Neal Europe
97 Master Nick Hamilton Cgcc
98 Master Will Ockleton Freecaster
99 Master John Malcomson Sheffield Dirt Society
100 Master Adam Taylor
101 Master Simon Hartley
102 Master Duncan Wiggins Fig Rolls Racing
103 Master Davy Ledgerwood Team Ledg Racing
104 Master Andy Hyam Yeti Yorkshire Pudding
105 Master David James Cgcc
106 Master Darren Wilson Eckington Trail Collective
107 Master Scott Lanzi Thebiketree Old-Timers
108 Master Clint Timmis
109 Master Ivor Bowen
110 Master Nigel Hillman
111 Master Eedward Cooke Suffolk Ragger
112 Master Michael Saville Full Noise Racing
113 Master Pete Osborne Sheffield Dirt Society
114 Master Benji Haworth Singletrack Magazine
115 Master Olly Forster Factoryjackson.Com
116 Master Jonathan Gregory Dirt Mag
117 Master Tim Wood Thebiketree Old-Timers
118 Master Paul Fowkes
119 Master Daniel Draper Team Eckington Trail Collective
120 Master Christopher Burman
121 Master John Helliwell He’S A Chunky Little Boy
122 Master Gareth Hobson
123 Master Daniel Chapman
124 Master Jonathan Brummitt
125 Master Jamie Carter
126 Master Cameron Nichols
127 Master Phil Reed Gravity-Slaves.Co.Uk
128 Master Dominic Kidd
129 Master Matthew Hunt 18 Bikes
130 Master Jamie Johnson
131 Master Adam Wiles
132 Master Rob Copeland
133 Master Edd Grant Se Raggers
136 Ladies Jess Stone Trek- Gravity Girls
137 Ladies Emily Horridge Transition Bikes
138 Ladies Amie Wills Rootsandrain.Co.Uk
139 Ladies Katie Hallam
140 Ladies Rachel Burridge Mij
141 Ladies Jenny Beesley Steve Peat Syndicate
142 Ladies Hanna Jonsson
143 Ladies Natasha Bonser
144 Ladies Jenny Middlehurst University Of Plymouth Mtb Club
145 Ladies Janine Wolstenholme
146 Ladies Julia Hobson
147 Ladies Yasmin Needham
148 Ladies Tracey Lawton
149 Ladies Katie Lawton
150 Senior Michael Vickers Steve Peat Syndicate
151 Senior Richard Batey
152 Senior William Swinden University Of Sheffield Cycling Club
153 Senior Ruari Hallam Sheffield University Cycling Club
154 Senior Frank Fitzpatrick Www.Splatshop.Co.Uk
155 Senior Tim Pearson Nefr Racing
156 Senior Joe Bowman Thisisheffield.Co.Uk
157 Senior David Camus Sheffield University
158 Senior Will Pomroy
159 Senior Lee Hawden
160 Senior Tom England
161 Senior Oliver Green Polaris
162 Senior Ian Hibberd Ebc
163 Senior Daniel Johnson
164 Senior Daniel Ledgerwood Team Ledg Racing
165 Senior Andrew Wright
166 Senior Jon Woodhouse Singletrack Magazine
167 Senior Hayden Green
168 Senior James Baker Newcastle University Cycling Club
169 Senior William Askew Newcastle University Cycling Club
170 Senior Jon Caley Plymouth Uni Mtb Club
171 Senior Stephan Hayes
172 Senior Chris Jones
173 Senior Andrew Linley
174 Senior Josh Lodge
175 Senior Steve Oates
176 Senior Christopher Palmer
177 Senior Lee Warren
178 Senior Thomas Alexander
179 Senior Sam Atkinson
180 Senior Richard Bailey
181 Senior Robert Carr Anyonefor
182 Senior Simon Choppin Cgcc
183 Senior Jonathon Congreve
184 Senior Krzysztof Dabrowski Newcastle University
185 Senior Chris Davey
186 Senior Jon Dennis
187 Senior Jamie Edwards
188 Senior Arthur Herrington
189 Senior Noel Hines S.E. Raggers
190 Senior Nyle Howard
191 Senior Arthur Kershaw Billy The Bass
192 Senior John Mason
193 Senior Gareth Price
194 Senior David White
195 Senior Ollie Yeaman
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