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New Tee – Corpses from Hell Design

New Tee – Corpses from Hell Design

I’m so excited about this new t-shirt design, it distils all that TiS is about in to print form: Dual, Radness, racing and Man Wolfs!

We’ve collaborated with Max Patenoster, the President of the Corpses from Hell Motor cycle gang. Our Man Baybutt is the Sheffield arm of the crew and brokered the deal explaining through sketches, hand gestures and video what Dual racing is all about. He did a bloody good job. When Max finally made it to his first dual race last month he said “Ahhh… I got it right”. So true.

I first became away of Max’s work when he painted the fuel tank of Baybutts CX500. He uses gilding and his own inimitable style to come up with something truly unique.

So here we have it. The all new ThisISheffield TShirt design. They will be initially exclusively available at the Peaty’s Steel City DH this weekend. What are left, will be for sale through our online shop next week. They’re a limited amount so get yourself along to the race if you want one. I’ll be on the registration desk from 8 to 10am then they’ll be for sale in the bombhole.

The tee’s have been printed by Sheffield’s finest Crow and Dunnage  on to the highest quality organic cotton tees.
So, get one before they’re gone. The raddest tee you’ll buy this year… so buy two.
This is Sheffield Tees back in Stock

This is Sheffield Tees back in Stock

We had a batch of Tees printed up for the Steel City DH and have got a few leftovers now for sale in our online shop.

Modelled here by Faceplant specialist Chay Granby they offer no body armour type protection but do look very Rad. Click on Chay’s pic to get yours.


Update: 8-5-2012 – Tees Selling very well, nearly sold out in all sizes.

Not to put you off but there seems to be a trend in those wearing TiS Tees and ending up in hospital. Its not the Tees, just the radness within as Luc Albert demonstrates.

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