Canadian Open

What can I say? I am pretty speechless after the Canadian Open DH at Crankworx to be honest. I guess I can start with the wise words of James Crossland, ‘fuck backflips’. I think he is right too, the premier event of Crankworx was undoubtedly the classic DH race of the Canadian Open over the more-watched slopestyle.

The course is one of the best on the mountain here, and that is saying something. Riders start up on Schleyer/Joyride  splitting right onto Joyride and then cutting under the Fitz lift line. This is where the magic happens that separates the race from other events at Crankworx, and even Worldcups-Hecklers rock.

Hecklers rock is something else…..Fuck knows how many people where on the rock today, what I do know is there was a strict rule of ‘NO SHIRTS ON THE ROCK’ and that everyone was going mental. Oh man, riders on the lift were fueling the fury by dropping  horns off into the crowd and also providing someone to heckle in between riders. My fave was ‘RENTAL, RENTAL, RENTAL’ when anyone with a rental bike was cruising up overhead. I like to imagine that these people didn’t know what was going on yet it encouraged them to take up this awesome sport.

Horns were flying everywhere


Rachel Atherton was up there on the rock, she was the but of one of the popular chants, but she didn’t wanna’ play and therefore I have not seen her tits.


Ben Reid


After Heckle rock the rest of the track was the same old Canadian Open, FAST, dusty, holey and  manly. There is a new section down low where the trail crew basically fucked a load of tree’s over and cut a swath about 12feet wide through the forest. They kindly left all the stumps in and let us all smash the hell out of it to make sure it was rutted and blown out come race day. It was truly impressive watching these boys smashing through the brown pow, and coupled with the light filtering through the tree’s it made for some banger light for the POD’s. As ever Raff Dice provided us with the nugg’s.

This section is SICK, and holey as dear Lizer's bucket

At the end of the Day it was Smith that took the win with a convincing 5second lead. 3 out of 3 for the Canadian, successful week at work eh. All said and done though, I think the winner should have been changed to Duncan Riffle…..this dude did more for his sponsors in this run than he could do with a Worldcup podium. Riffle smashed into the Hecklefest area only to stop on the top of the rock, whip his goggles of and chugged two beers before getting back to the task in hand. Legend.

Joyride:the finals.

The Joyride Slopestyle, the penultimate day of the Crankworx festival has been and gone. The less than exciting finals, due to 7 out of 8 riders crashing out, left a relatively unknown rider taking the win from more established names. I know racing is racing, and presumably slopestyle is slopestyle, but a lot of people would have liked to see them running the finals again, although I am well aware that would be unfair in reality. The Slopestyle always surprises me in how quick the whole thing is, you spend ages battling though the crowd, getting ‘pumped’ and seemingly spending ages on the phone to your friends in a vain effort to find everyone (which never works) and then before you know it; done. Thats it, it was all over when some skinny jean clad kid took his Hardtail mountainbike, which I use loosely as I don’t think it would have faird too well on an actual mountain, on a straight airing victory lap down the course much to the confusion of many of the crowd.

After re-reading the paragraph above I believe I have been a bit negative, I am going to try again.

The Slopestyle was SICK! We started off the excitement pretty early in our house with a bit of a sign making party, we made some dreamers, drank some Growers and Wildcats, blew through some horns and drank Beers through said horns. Saturday Lad Crossland also somehow managed to build a wheel while taking part in the excitement. I can’t imagine its gonna last long mind you.

Daniella's choice was a little 'adult'

A little more family friendly?

Sheffield's own used car entrepreneur Davi Birks even turned up for a skype.

Whislter life; Skis, wheel building and Wildcat

And as this is meant to be a write up on the Crankworx Slopestyle I thought I should ass a picture involving a bike.

Crankworx-Whip off Champs.

I am running a day late I know on this, but if anyone has ever been in Whistler will realize it gets pretty wild here. I am using this brief sober period to update you guys that have the honor of being stuck in Yorkshire (do we have any followers from outside Yorkshire?) but I am not gonna’ start typing  away on a tangent, I am going to let Raff Dice’s pictures do the talking.

Kerr's Whips are as big as his ego


Craig and his girlfriend

North Face of the Tour Rond…

North Face of the Tour Rond…

So with Gee’s, Ruari’s and Nicks blatantly amature recent video editing efforts I thought I would show them, and Mr Joe Bowman, how to go on… Here is my first effort at filming and editing a short vid.

I will be off the bike for a while with torn wrist ligaments, but thankfully not out entirely with the first (miss)diagnosis of a broken Schaphoid. A couple of days ago I headed up the hill to climb the classic North Face of the Tour Ronde in the Mont Blanc massif with friends Duncan Currie and Colin Weegie. Unfortunately Weegie came down with the man flu and a severe case of moaning like a little bitch disease and we therefore cut our stay down by a day or so but I am  still really excited to have got on the aesthetic and famous route and I am really psyched to ski the line in the future….hopefully soon.

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