Last Wednesday Little Rob and Wharncliffe’s guardian angel Saturday lad sessioned out an Easyjet flight with the promise of sunny loam hunting in a far off land.  I drove them, and a horny French baroness, from Geneva into the beautiful, albeit damp, Chamonix valley with promises of long descents, sunny dusty trails and drunken Sweede girls. So far I have delivered one of my promises.

First day we cracked a wee train ride up the valley to Vallorcine and rode the downhill trail that the mayor commissioned a few years ago, apparently he liked the look of biking and decided that his village needed a track. And it is a dreamer too, ohhh yes, starting high up in the sub-alpine we twist round some fast open bermed turns that have become slightly water damaged and monster-truck able. Some fast fireroad turns into fast singletrack with some fuck-off fade-away’s and then its the loamy-compression-oooofffff section. Pretty much after the tight loam-compression-oooofffff section  its just steep steep switchbacks to the bottom.

The track was holding up really well in the wet weather and we had a good couple of runs before the camera came out. Little Rob is fairly handy with the old picture taker so here a few from the day. We got some more but wordpress is being a bastard and not playing the game…..more to come next week!

Sat lad on the lower switchbacks

Loam face

Rob wants me to note that this is out of focus…..he didn’t want it including but in a blatantly narcissistic way I like it. And i’m boss so its staying.