Nick Hamilton

”King of the mates race, Nick is the man with the plans. Always riding all sorts of bikes in all sorts of weather’s Nick is a key player in the Sheffield mates race scene…..”


Joe Bowman.

”Part time pinner; Joe is the mastermind behind the video camera. With him playing chief filmer, editer and general creative boss people tend to forget that he can also ride a bike. Especially when the going gets steep. Joe is now full time on the world cup circuit filming through his Sheffield based media company


James ‘Swinny’ Swinden.

”Swin is the powerhouse of the team…..if you need a berm smashing up just let us know and we will let him out of his cage for the weekend! Now also racing on  the Steve Peat Syndicate look out for his race reports from all the Nationals ”

Rob Stokes

”Sheffield born and bred….now living in Whistler updating on riding, racing and drinking. Can be found at Phat Wednesday races and trying not to break his wrists on Tresspasser laps.”


Gee Hallam

”Gee has been a regular on the Sheffield scene for years now, although he is native to more Southern pastures. He has now flown the Steel city nest and dropped into NZ where he is doing his best to bring up the 2030 Womens DH World Champion”


Duncan Philpott

“Our in-house photog, sex icon, master of the lens,P.O.D hogger and all round nice guy. Think Seth from the O.C mixed with an albino baby. Check his personal work on

Ruari Hallam

”Mini Hallam, hardtail pinner and general media whore. You may recognise him from a certain bar drag shot…”

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