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Mucky Nutz!

Mucky Nutz!

Somehow muckynutz seems to have skipped our radar, but luckilly Shane got in touch last week to let us know about this awesome, new little company coming straight out of Sheffield. At first it seemed like the usual bits n bobs you’d find in any store, until we realised it’s all made in the UK!! Which you don’t see very much anymore….

Muckynutz is a small outfit, mostly famous for the Bender fender which you may have seen on such pro’s bikes like Mark Weir. These turned out to be a bit of a global hit, coming in at 16g and retail for £7.98.

They also sent over this little life saver which allows you to be able to ride out of those ‘middle of nowhere, basted my mech hanger’s snapped’ situations.For £7.50 it could really help you out if you were miles from home, especially in the Alps on those summer breaks.

They have an ever expanding line, with rotors and ti bolts recently added, so keep an eye out on MuckyNutz, for more quality,Made in UK bike products.

Full review of the bender fender coming up soon…..

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