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Winter Dual 2020 – Round 1

Bex leading it out in her frist TiS dual🤘

Round 1 of the inter dual series went down this week and did not disappoint. Possibly the slickest conditions in living memory proved to be a challenge to all and a differentiator to the winners.

2019-11-06 22.47.39-3


The opening long left crept its way though off camber in to up hill before slinging in around a couple of tress and back on the pedals. The transfer to the lower section proved crucial and set up for three back to back turns that left no back ends in a straight line. Those with poise and balance kept it together but no one kept it clean.

The mud was deep with this one

The big final was Will Swinden’s to win but an uncharacteristic mistake left him in the mud and Tim Pearson cackling in victory.

A massive turn out has set the season up beautifully and knuckles remain sore from so many fist bumps. All because… #dualrules. Massive thanks to Steph and Laura for keeping the timing running sweeeeet 👌. All Photos from the mighty Baybutt


1 Timmy
2 Will Swinden
3 Joe Spivey
4 Dave Griffiths
5 Chris Pearson
6 Dave Camus
7 Sam Capper
8 Bex Baraona
9 Chris Lansley
10 Turtle
11 Chloe Taylor
12 Hannah Saville
13 Darren Ellis
14 Rich Baybutt
15 Dex
16 Nick Woffenden
17 Dan Thorpe
18 Rob Shaw
19 Nick Hamilton
20 Tom Davies
21 Alex Gunn
22 Sam turtle
23 John Horscroft
24 Kel Parkin
25 Giles Grover


Cocking about in the woods

Where is your Happy place? Winter Dual Round 1 – 2018

Baybutt vs Capper, in the first leg. Photo: Rob Shaw

Where is your Happy place? Winter Dual Round 1 – 2018

On Wednesday night I was reminded that mine is in the woods, on my bike, racing dual with a great bunch of mates old and new. I had a massive smirk on my face all night.  I felt at home and content, pushing bright orange leaves aside with my tyres, blinded on my push back up by the lights positioned to illuminate our sideways journeys down the hill.

As the first race of the series there was a lot of catching up to do and lots of new friends to meet. Everything is word of mouth, friends of friends, no Dicks. Last year’s winter series was another classic with a great battle for the top step of the podium and Dave Camus victorious for the first time. Lower down the table new racers were making their mark with Rob Shaw getting hooked and never missing a race. The Pearson’s both fought back from poor starts to finish Tim 2nd and Chris 4th with a Monk breaking both his cherry and the top 5. Jake was 3rd. What happened to Will Swinden? Well as we have learnt over the years, the key to doing well in the overall is mainly just turning up. Will forgot that.

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  • Rob Jolley on his new steed has been finding his speed and not worrying about grip

    Rob Jolley on his new steed has been finding his speed and not worrying about grip

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0014

    Will Swinden finding the edge of grip

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0024

    Rob Jolley on his new steed has been finding his speed and not worrying about grip

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0028

    Jolley on the roost

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0034

    Richard Baybutt taking on a little passenger #respectthepoles

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0038

    James Irwin, Chrissy P and the lady with the fast fingers: Steph Anderson

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0042

    What are the chances?

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0043

    Would this have happened with 26 inch wheels?

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0050
  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0060
  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0073
  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0077
  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0022

    Matt Jamieson suffered mechanicals

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0033

    Timmy leading out Gordan

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0036

    Is that an enjoyable push up?

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0054
  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0025

    Baybutt getting loose

  • dual_11_2014_20140402_0068

    Steph and Baybutt: The timing team.

  • winter dual 11 2013-14 - fastest
  • winter dual 11 2013-14 - Overall
  • winter dual 11 2013-14 - Points
  • winter dual 11 2013-14 - series points

Winter Dual 11 – Series Final

62 people have raced this Dual season but it is finally over for another year and we went out in style. Employing the fast grass at Jacks we rendezvoused in day light! I do love BST. It makes for an unusual atmosphere at the race but also makes for some great practice. To say conditions were prime would be a bare faced lie. We had thick fog which meant that even in day light you could not see one end of the track from the other. Steph was once again kind enough to time the race but the only sign of her was her whistles and hollas. When racers dropped of the edge of the steep hill they disappeared in to oblivion. At times it got so bad, you couldn’t really see the next post. As ever, this did not dampen spirits.

Considering that any of the top three in the overall could have taken the win, stakes were high and the determination palpable. The course was fast bar one killer left before the lip of the hill. Watching everyone overshoot it while they got its measure was most amusing. Once over the lip, it was nearly a straight line down the steepest part of the hill bar a sneaky chicane which got some tanks slapping later on. Watching the lads pedal as hard as they could down this section was unreal, seeing who could carry the speed in to the final right hander was even more impressive. D.R.I.F.T.

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