Tuesday 21st December 2010

With the festive season looming and everyone prepped for massive infusions of grub, grog and grannies, another Tuesday night rolled around…. Winter Dual… The Christmas special. The big dump of snow Sheffield received had long since melted but with temperatures rarely getting above -5 in the woods the Endcliffe Track was a different animal. Ruts and berms formed in previous races had frozen hard, which might have been great had it not been for the layer of leaves over the top. Once they got swept away the racers got down to polishing up the iced loam.

The Frozen Loam (Photo: Dom Worrall)

Having started collecting £2 donations to race, we’d bought a new set of poles to replace the original white overflow pipe. Rob Jolley supplied us with 30 of the finest electric fence posts money can buy. Not stretching quite yet to the white version we bought them in stealth green. Thankfully Henry’s Sustrans reflectors gave us colour coded lanes and a visible course to ride. With 24 riders turning out to brave the -8°C conditions practise got underway once we managed to get the posts in the frozen ground. As it was the Christmas special tinsel and baubles were in abundance and in some cases, detrimental to performance.

Swinney takes the winney (Photo: Dom Worral)

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