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Bolehill’s Summer Pump Track race – Round one video

Pump Track Podium - Photo: Swinny

Bolehill’s Summer Pump Track race – Round one video

Yesterdays Pump track race at Bolehill’s was a great success with a big turn out and very close racing. After quali’s, head to head moto’s were laid down to gain points to decide who went through to the finals. TIS’s own Joe Bowman, Swinny and Ruari Hallam were all racing in the Senior category. Finals were head to head racing with the fastest qualifier deciding starting lane. Each rider had to complete an inner and an outer lap crossing over half way which proved for some great coming togethers. Dave Camus, whose put many hard hours graft in to the pump tracks renovations, was narrowly victorious over SPS rider Freddie Oxley in the finals with another SPS rider Billy Matthews in third. Marco Wood-Bonelli took the 12-16s and Sam Taylor the under 11s. We’ll make no mention of Oliver ‘Danger’ Green managing to go the wrong way.

Thanks to all the Sheffield Dirt Society Crew who put all the hard work in to putting on the race, make sure you come along to the rest of the series details are all in out events diary

Pump Track Podium - Photo: Swinny

Phil Taylor slammed together this great edit of the days racing, check out JoBo’s shut down maneuver on RuariPOD right at the start.

This Is Sheffield Episode 3

So Episode 3 took a while, Jack had world cups/exams, Joe had work and Rob had secret ‘training’ in Hull, which didn’t leave many wekeends free…

Just a blast around a few local spots, finishing off with the new and improved pumptrack. This vid doesn’t do it justice really, so expect some more footage soon…

Apologies for some of the shoddy editing/cuts, my computer is old and the new editing software wasn’t happening, so reverted to the old stuff….

Episode 4 will be in the alps hopefully, bring on the Summer, BOOM!!

For more info and general shennanigans:

The backyard.

So this pump track fad that seems to have hit the world of mountain biking aint going away.

Theres been a tonne of stuff built on this plot of land, but this piece of work takes the big fat biscuit.

Here’s a few shots, but expect plenty more (decent) ones as the summer goes on.Plus a pump jam/race sometime soon!

Cheers to Kev and the rest of the team….

More pics after the drop.

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